LepreCon turns out to be Lepre 'Calm'
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HOBOKEN—Saturday’s LepreCon bar crawl saw 20 arrests on Saturday, March 2, said city spokesman Juan Melli on Monday. This is two more than last year but still a 41 percent decrease from 2011, which was the final year that the former St. Patty’s Day parade was held, Melli said.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer had requested last year that the 25-year tradition of the St. Patrick’s Day parade be moved from Saturday to Wednesday. The independent committee that previously put on the parade was not in favor of the weekday switch.

The 2013 arrests, ambulance calls, city ordinance violations, calls for service, open container violations, drinking in public violations, disorderly house parties, urination in public, and disorderly conduct numbers show a significant decrease from 2011, Melli said.

Looking at 2011 to 2013, arrests went from 34 to 20, ambulance calls from 136 to 49, city ordinance violations from 292 to 84, calls for service from 525 to 338, open container violations from 115 to 9, drinking in public from 32 to 5, disorderly house parties from 40 to 20, urination in public from 59 to 17 and disorderly conduct from 26 to 9.

“Since 2011, calls for service to our Police Department are down 37%, arrests are down 41%, ambulance calls are down 64% and city ordinance violations are down 71%,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “By decoupling the parade from the first Saturday in March, we have dramatically improved public safety and the quality of life for Hoboken residents.”

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March 08, 2013
here is a possible story. you have a guy name of Scott Siegal in town. He posts a column on patch. His ego is tied to being friends with City Hall people and tearing down anyone against City Hall. He gets a charge when his friends laugh and pat him on the back.

he moved an hour out of Hoboken. Never admits this when he writes letters to editor or posts his column on patch.

Column is often full of mistakes that he does not do teh work of checking like patch itself has to. last year some questioned how much money was spent for City Hall to send people to super bowl HQ. He wrote a column saying "they didn't even stay overnight." Probably the trip was fine so why the need to make up a clear lie to protect the mayor? It was allowed to stay up there and when someone pointed out that it was not true, that person was verbally beaten up by a round of mayoral bullies. 'so he made one mistake,' they said.

really it was a mistake? no such thing if you read roman and nancy's blogs.

but here is where you're story lies, and pay attention. siegel went out of his way to disband the one watch dog group in town, Hoboken revolt. Look at hobokenrevolt.com. It was a taxpayer group to look out for the taxpayer. even if you like the mayor she is not perfect.

Well, she is if you read the horse and Nancy, who beat up anyone who points out even a possible problem.

In 2013 Hoboken you are not allowed to criticize the mayor. Take note! Scott Siegle at the behest of his friends went out of his way to take down the Hoboken Revolts website. Why not seek someone to keep the group going?

I remember a similar feeling under Anthony Russo, that you had to be really careful if you wanted to criticize, or face wrath. Now it is conducted by nancy and roman and they laugh and point to their reformer friends if you have a legitimate beef. (They will likely respond below claiming I am this or that person. Yet they will not be able to say anything I've said is untrue.)

It makes me sad because it is ALL true!

Hoboken deserves better.
March 05, 2013

Lepre "Calm" would be NO arrests, no property damage and NO ONE PISSING ON MY FRONT DOOR.