REPORT: Shunned Hoboken IT official cleared of hacking charges
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HOBOKEN – A former Hoboken information technology (IT) official who was fired in May 2011 after being accused of forwarding emails between Mayor Dawn Zimmer and people within her administration to third parties was cleared of all charges Thursday, according to a report on Hoboken Patch.

Administrative Judge Evelyn Marose dropped the charges against Jonathan Cummins after concluding that Cummins did not knowingly forward classified emails to third parties at the behest of former IT Director Patrick Ricciardi, according to the report.

Ricciardi was arrested on similar charges in November 2011. The city’s charges against Cummins were based on testimony from former city attorney Mark Tabakin and administrator Arch Liston, who said in October that Cummins confessed to them that he had knowledge of Ricciardi’s actions and forwarded emails to third parties at Ricciardi’s behest.

However, in court, Cummins countered Tabakin and Liston’s testimony, stating that he had never forwarded any classified emails. Marose’s decision said that Tabakin and Liston’s testimony “lacked credibility” and said that “Hoboken presented no actual evidence that Cummins was responsible for the email leaks or any writing or recording which corroborates the claim that he confessed to the charged conduct.”

Cummins will be free to return to his job in City Hall and could be awarded back pay and attorney fees. Marose’s ruling is still pending the approval of the state’s Civil Service Commission, which can still reject or modify the case’s outcome.

City spokesman Juan Melli said Thursday the amount of back pay and attorney fees owed to Cummins has not been determined. He said the administration had no comment on the decision.

Ricciardi pleaded guilty to intercepting communications meant for Zimmer and top city officials, and passing some of those emails on to other officials. He is scheduled to be sentenced on July 1. – Dean DeChiaro

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May 24, 2013
Not sure I understand the background of all of your comments but I agree with you on two things -

1) Roman apparently shot himself in the foot with that comment.

2) The blogs do not reflect the tenor of Dawn's governing and their attacks sometimes on anyone criticizing the city do lead to an air of intimidation in town. Intimidation can come in many forms, you are correct. Unfortunately there are those who think Dawn supports the blogs and their childish discourse. From what I hear, they are a problem she would like to go away, but for political reasons has to be delicate with the web owners who feel they are helping her.
May 24, 2013
Extra! Extra! A story the HR and patch won't print but maybe they should: City Hall-allied attack blogger finally admits that he is defamatory....

Everyone knows about the lawsuit against two bloggers in town who have defamed private citizens and pretended to do it on behalf of reform. Actually one of those bloggers is making money off his blog and the other is an appointee of city hall to the zoning board but she will never say so. The mayor has not yet asked her to step down.

They were sued for $2 million and the suit which they try to tell everyone is frivilous. However the suit was never dismised like many similar ones would be, because they apparently lied about a family for over a year simply because that familiy was allied with the mayors political opponent. Is this what Hoboken City Hall supports?

The bloggers defense was to paint the plaintif in the suit "political." They never said they didn't lie about them repeatedly and harass them. Why not? Meanwhile the mayor keeps her mouth shut on this new white color form of harasment and intimidation, a different type than old russo blue collar yelling at you in public type but still making someone feel unwelcome in town by spreading lies throuout the net. and it has been done to others who have not had the balls to put themselves out there and sue. Who wants to have to go through that to stop bloggers from lying about you and pretending it is done under "reform"? Would you like to have to hire laywers to stop the mayor's supporters from lying to suppress your right to an opinion.

Well this week blogger Roman Brice who refers to himself as the da horsey on many other web sites , twice criticzed hoboken 411 for comments 411 made. Brice said the comments were libelous. Yet they were the same commesnt brice said about other people. Does brice finally admits those comments are libelous?

Brice writes on his sight that 411 "He attacked Ringer, calling her a "crony" of the mayor and said she didn't live in Hoboken. Both are the absolutely false and defamatory attacks typical of the Hate411 spew."

If it is false and defamatory to say someone doesnt live in hoboken when she does, then the fact that horse and nancy pincus did it repeatedly about several people, shows he finally admits the suit is not frivilous.

Horse wrote that the owner of 411 in fact was moving to New England. That is an attack on a local business and apparently defamatory. And he did it to the citizen who had to file a suit as well.

Stop intimidation in town. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE ON BEHALF OF 'reform,' MAYOR ZIMMER, OR ANYONE. You don't like someone's politics. Fine. Don't slander their family, stalk them, post daily rumors that several people in town are wanted by the feds with no evidence . And then claim you are a reformer like the mayor.

When will dawn stop these people who make her and all of us look bad.

And when will the media pick up this story again instead of being afraid??

PS lest anyone try to sue me I am a citizen who voted for the mayor but I do not support these cyberthugs who tell lies and get people to believe them. This is my OPINION backed by facts you can find on the other blogs, nothign libelous here. I can not say the same for others.
May 24, 2013
PSSS I think what is frivolous is that you write about Brad Pitt when people are being slandered and intimidated. we have almost zero coverage of city hall intimidation in town as it is, the mayor was doing a good job but her cyberthug's make us look bad. save Hoboken from going on the same road as before with divisive idiocy.