Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 4: The Lost Footage (and hopefully the LAST footage...)
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REALLY, ROSIE -- It's really over. We bet she's relieved.
REALLY, ROSIE -- It's really over. We bet she's relieved.
NEW JERSEY -- It's the season that never ends. It just goes on and on, my friends.

We at the Hudson Reporter chain of newspapers in Hudson County, New Jersey have brought you recaps of this season of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" all season long, back before June. Yes, June.

We have finally reached the end - the "Lost Footage" episode. Here is our final recap, until the gang returns for season 5. And you know they will.

Here's what happened:

-Andy asked Joe Giudice about his "Greg's butthole" joke on the Napa Valley trip. Jacqueline Laurita said it wasn't funny. She said it was "foul." Who on that show ISN'T foul? Was Richie and his comments about his fishy wife much better?

Joe Giudice responded that all his gay friends thought it was funny. Yeah, he probably has as many gay friends as Teresa has Jewish friends (a reference to a previous season, folks).

-Chris Laurita and Jacqueline prepared to renew their vows. Has this tired old trick been used on enough Housewives shows yet? It seems like one out of every two "Real Housewives" couples renew their vows. What is the rate in the general population? One out of every 6,000? Anyway, we saw how well it worked for Vicki and Donn Gunlavson.

-The families had a cookoff in Napa, RV vs. RV. This was funny and pleasant enough.

-Caroline sparred a little more about Teresa's relationship with Dina Manzo, and Caroline's lack thereof. All parties said they'd like Dina to be back on speaking terms with Jackie and Caroline. Okay.

-They all sang "Kumbaya." OK, not really.

Yeah, yeah, we're really tired. Hope you enjoyed our recaps this season. Don't worry - There are more housewives shows coming up; they just won't have that special something of Jersey. So, until season 5....GO SCRATCH!
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