A half-truth is a whole lie
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Dear Editor:

I have always operated under the premise that you can accomplish more with teamwork when no one is concerned about who got the credit.

During the last Board of Education campaign Mayor Gonnelli made the following statement. “Troyer accomplished zero over the years he has been a board trustee.” At the last council meeting (July 24) in order to dispel Gonnelli’s “zero” perception of my record as a trustee, (15 years of service on the board) I gave several examples to point out some of my contributions. I propose giving more examples of my contributions, not only to the School Board, but to the community as well when the opportunity presents itself. Mayor Gonnelli, is not the only one that takes pride in living in Secaucus and wants to contribute.

Don’t misconstrue defending myself as being arrogant. Over the years I never took credit for introducing a policy that I believed ought to be established. Furthermore, you do not accomplish anything without the vote/approval of the majority of the board. However, I now must take credit for the times that I have been successful in persuading some of the trustees to see my point of view despite their political agenda and allegiance to whoever was the Mayor at the time.

That is why Mayor Gonnelli, like previous mayors, was so opposed to my being an elected official. I call it as I see it. As an elected official I am in the position to obtain all the facts and when legally possible, truthfully let all, and I signify all the facts to be known. You know a half-truth is a whole lie. What I say is the truth, and that is the reason I say it and sign my name to it. I’m a player, not a spectator and most assuredly not one of those bloggers!

Tom Troyer
Former Board Member

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August 12, 2012
Poor little Tommy had his feelings hurt by big bad MAYOR FOR LIFE Mike Gonnelli. It’s all about me. Hey everybody notice me, little tom tom over here in the corner. Mike threw me under the bus. I am really an important guy. I’m a player, not a spectator and most assuredly not one of those bloggers! Bla, Bla, Bla…

O.M.G. Tommy we are posters to a “MESSAGE BOARD” and commenter’s on a news website, NOT BLOGGERS you dolt. A BLOG is a different animal. You are old and washed up tommy. Thanks for the many years of fine service, now go away.