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Founded in 1983, The Hudson Reporter publishes nine weekly newspapers, capturing the highest home-delivered circulation of any newspaper in Hudson County. Our award-winning periodicals also include specialty publications and two, glossy magazines: Jersey City Magazine and Palisade.

The past few years have brought tremendous change to the western banks of the Hudson River.

As newcomers flock to the area and explore their surroundings, long-time residents are meeting their neighbors - and discovering new opportunities - at every turn.

Luxury developments line the riverbanks, and boutiques, restaurants and art galleries are opening every week. Young families fill the streets with baby carriages. Empty nesters and young artists wait together for trains running along the expanding light rail system.

But change can be hard. Transformation does not come easily.

How does one gain a sense of community in a new and evolving place? Where can you turn for resources, entertainment and a bird's-eye view of our home along the Hudson?

We created hudsonreporter.com to answer some of those questions, yet we hope it will do more. We'd like our site to be a sort of meeting place a town square, if you will, where you can read about the people, politics and places that make living here so exciting.

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Guttenberg Housing A
May 31, 2015
“The lawsuit that the Guttenberg Housing Authority filed against Miss Gonzalez is designed to punish her for speaking out,” Zayas says.

The GHA received federal funds to provide affordable housing for low-income families.

“Instead they’ve used $384,000 that could be used for affordable housing to go after a former secretary who is judgment proof, which means she can’t pay for any judgment against her,” Zayas says.

According to the Housing Authority, Gonzalez e-mailed a waiting list of social security numbers to herself.

“Which she did,” Zayas says. “But she did so in order to preserve that evidence from being destroyed (so she could provide it to the GHA Board of Commissioners and to HUD, office of Inspector General). And there’s nothing illegal about that, because even the executive director used to e-mail confidential information to her own personal e-mails. So this double standard is troubling.”

Gonzalez’s lawyer calls his client a target.

“Because of that letter, where she laid out her allegations of wrongdoing, Ms. (Barbara) Criscione has used her office and government money to go after Ms. Gonzalez,” Zayas says. “We believe that this is wrong on so many different levels and we believe this is an attempt to silence a whistleblower.” Hudson County TV

When the North Bergen Reporter, along with Guttenberg Mayor Gerald Drasheff, received an anonymous complaint two months ago about certain alleged improprieties at the Guttenberg Housing Authority – including the fact that three high-ranking employees purchased a Monmouth County beach home while two were tenants of federally assisted public housing – an investigation was begun by HUD and local entities.

Guttenberg’s public housing is meant for low-income tenants, moderate-income tenants, and senior citizens, and it is federally subsidized.

According a deed on the Monmouth Beach, N.J. house, Guttenberg Housing Authority Executive Director Barbara Criscione, then-Assistant Director Maryann Morro, and Housing Manager Fatima Becerril purchased the $770,000 property at 3 Riverdale Ave. on June 26, 2008.

Read more: Hudson Reporter - Public housing issues unresolved Mayor HUD look into anonymous complaint The 2006 state employee salary database compiled by a local newspaper said that Criscione was earning a $132,672 salary, while Morro was at $72,267 and Becerril was at $62,229.

Read more: Hudson Reporter - Public housing issues unresolved Mayor HUD look into anonymous complaint

North Bergen Reporter (Hudson Reporter)
Danette Robinson
May 19, 2015
Hello, my name is Danette Robinson, Admission/Discharge Coordinator from Alpha Healing Center in Jersey City NJ.

Alpha Healing Center is a state-of-the-art substance use and alcohol rehab and recovery center.

Alpha Healing Center is a one of a kind program providing our guest cutting edge evidence-based treatments and holistic therapies. Our treatment approach emphasizes personalized care, recovery maintenance through aftercare planning, active family involvement, and support. The programs we offer are:

-Partial Care Program- Mon-Fri. 9am-3pm

-Intensive Outpatient Program Mon-Thur. 9am-12pm

-Outpatient Program- As Needed

-Ambulatory Opioid Detoxification Program

-Family Program

-Discharge and Aftercare

We offer an evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The program runs Three nights a week from 5PM-8PM.

We accept most insurances and our knowledgeable and experienced staff help each guest to navigate insurance coverage

If you have any questions or would like more information about us, our programs and our facility, please call our admissions hotline toll free at (844) 244-4325 or visit our website at www.alphahealingcenter.com. You can also email us at info@alphahealingcenter.com.

We would appreciate the opportunity to have someone come out and meet with you face to face. To elaborate about our services, and we also open the invitation for you to tour our facility and meet our staff.

Mychat Posts
May 09, 2015
SACCO on tape threatening a woman. She kept his messages and posted them on YouTube.

This is the most chilling things I've ever heard

Nick Sacco's Threatening Voice Mails for Lydia Coleman

March 15, 2015
When is the next issue coming out? I emailed Jersey City Mag requesting copies of Spring/Summer 2015 for my company but no response.
September 26, 2014
how come the lettters to the editor are not updted for bayonne?
September 24, 2014
Hello I live In Guttenberg on 70th street and I have not received the Hudson Reporter News Paper for weeks now.
June 20, 2015
I live in North Bergen 27th street and have not received the Hudson Reporter for months always received a copy on Sunday. Will we ever see the paper again?
Susan Newman
September 18, 2014
Please fix the awful typo on this article! It should say: One third of frogs are threatened with extinction! (not extension, which is the opposite!)

September 03, 2014
Does anyone proofread anymore? Please use spell check before you publish your articles. There is only one way to spell a word, and that is the correct way! Thank you.
Rene Gonzalez
August 17, 2014
I have not received the Hudson Reporter for the last two weeks, I live on 73rd Street between Hudson &Palisade

bonnie toadvyn
May 12, 2014
Where is the paper...it is Monday, the 12th and even the A P does.not have them yet. None on willow 7th and 8th and the store is on 7 and Clinton...where???

How many entries is Zimmer gonna claim...didn't the FBI take this book from her. This is an entire mystery to me...if this was Council person Russo Mason, etc or anyone that disagrees with Mayor Zimmer or perhaps has filed suit, she would be screaming for their resignation and/proper proof and the feds...screaming improper use of federal funds, fraud, collusion with federal funds and about a dozen other charges.

Hugo Rodriguez
May 03, 2014
This place is located at 409-64th Street West New York. Thanks very Much
Hugo Rodriguez
May 03, 2014
To whom it may concern,

My story is That in my home town of West New York there is a house where i live for four years. Every weekend they have a casino gambling which they play for money. All these ladies travel's by Super Taxi. Also they fight and they have argument for winning or losing. They make scandal which they makes me nervous there is no peace at all plus they sub rent rooms in the same apartment including the basement which is completely illegal, there is no fire alarm there is not carbon monoxide alarm, which there is many violation in this place. I wrote to the Mayor to take action into this case. Also soon am moving out of there but the lady want to rented to her nephew. All this people are trouble maker's. And the owner of this house allowed all this things.I spoke several time with the owner but he doesn't want to fix the basement, he just prefer to haved illegal which now they are trying to evicted me without going to court, but i have plenty of people and they have told me what to do.
Bonnie Toadvyn
March 28, 2014
Nice picture of Mayor Zimmer with the outgoing police chief...The people that should be in the picture are the citizens that insisted we needed our police. Remember....the new Mayor Zimmer wanted a bunch of them fired. When she came up to a problem, she informed the people of Hoboken that they had nothing to worry about, the police were good people and would find jobs. Whoops...the people of Hoboken wanted their police. They knew their police were good people and wanted them right where they were. Thank you citizens of Hoboken for insisting on protecting our area by insisting that Chief Falco had quality officers.

There is a lot of politics and fun going on, but I have a basic problem: Help

I have a cab problem!!!! How much are these taxi's anyway. I cannot believe that some idiot decided to charge per the number of people in the cab. This is an IRS nightmare and a license to steal. So, if I take a cab, with my two grandsons, it is 5 bucks and a buck for each boy...and the other day a taxi driver tried charging my 12 year old grandson 8 bucks. So what is it???? If they need more money, make it 6 bucks. KISS Keep it simple stupid. Please let me know. Please print it in the paper for people like me that feel ripped off....thanks
Bonnie Toadvyn
March 06, 2014
To Mary Ondrejka: I read your article in the Hoboken Reporter and truly understand your frustration, as you have been working for the renters and people of Hoboken, hoping for a true democracy. Please don't stop. Hoboken needs people like you. Now that the fraud of purchasing votes, by purchasing workers has come to light, I am sure we will see reform. I am hoping that people, such as yourself, will be willing to try to reform this problem, so that it never happens again. Of course, MSTA will not stop, either, so I realize that it is a huge job. The people that believe that Hoboken Real Estate and Hoboken Voters are dupes to be played will, of course, not quit, so Mary, we really need people like you.

Our Mayor Zimmer has been stratagizing for the past 4 years, to make sure she won this election. In my estimation, she did not. Had this been a fair election, or had there been a run off, I am sure we would be saying Mayor Ramos.

Now, we need to bow to Mayor Zimmer, because she has the entire kazoo, so to speak. She has the planning board, the zoning board and does not care or will not listen to what the people want, per her own statements. She has a plan and if we watch, very closely, perhaps the people will be privy to it before the plan is complete. Neuman, for instance....just visit Queen Zimmer, to see what her plans are.

Rent Control issues started when the people decided that it was too big an issue to leave to the politically pressured council. Now it is back and I am sure there will be some issues that could sneak by.

The council just approved more jobs. No problem, if one of them has the nerve to disagree with the Mayor, they will be looking for a job, and suing Hoboken. We know this from looking at the past.

Wow, I know that the above sounds confusing. It is, to see how energetically and from all directions control of Hoboken has been lifted from the people, in all areas.

Please do not quit. I believe that people like you can make the system work, no matter how good the stratagy to win and control is.

Respectfully, Bonnie Toadvyn
Bonnie Toadvyn
December 09, 2013
Thank you, David Cogswell, for all your intuitive letters and your valiant efforts to save the integrity of real estate in Hoboken. There was a big problem with the title of your article, though. They will not be back......They never left. While you were fighting the fight, they had their strategy, in place, for more.

There was a little blurb in reference to the council meetings in last weeks paper. It was at the end of the article on the council meeting, titled Trying to tackle rent control. "Council President Peter Cunningham ordered the creation of an ad-hoc council sub-committee tasked with investigating ways to reform the laws in a manner fair to both parties."

What? Wasn't Peter Cunningham the same man that told the 20/20 people that perhaps there was better use for their real estate? Didn't the voters decide that they should vote in reference to rentals and that the commission was not capable of making this decision? Yep, they never left.

Mayor Zimmer came out against #2, (which was the rental issue) but #1 and #3 were in the running and would make the difference between whether she was Mayor for another term. #1 and 3 won. She, at the time, could not afford to lose the votes of advocates for or against rent control, so she just said that she thought it had not been studied enough. That's a cop out, for sure. She did not, however, protect the integrity of our electoral board and let MSTA go to court without a word or a defense for the fine people that worked the election. She did not insist that the wording of the rental issue be clear, or that the advertisements were truthful. Action Speaks!!!

I have seen blockbusters, intimidators and real estate monguls devastate communities and, believe me, they come at you from so many sides that you are blindsided. While the wonderful people, such as yourself, of Hoboken, fought, with honesty and dignity, MSTA had been forging ahead, talking to people and planning their descent, with or without winning.

Renters and Owners in Hoboken need to watch for everything. These laws will not only hurt renters, but will devastate owners of small properties...enough so these investors can pick their property up quickly. Thank you, again Mr. Cogswell. We will remember your fight for Hoboken. I sincerely hope the council and major players in Hoboken have not clobbered rental agreements and real estate already. We need to watch, again, and get signatures, again!!!!! Oh my.

Whoops, I just saw the headline on this weeks paper. 2014, we get a bunch of new people on the zoning board. We still have parties that are being sued, but are so preferential that they can insult any one and still be on the board...See what I mean, Mr. Cogswell.....plan for action is here, only in another way.

Bonnie Toadvyn


Maria Gomez
November 24, 2013
I'm a resident of Secaucus and for the past several weeks, I have not been receiving the Hudson County Secaucus reporter. Has the delivery stopped.

Thank you

Maria L. Gomez
David Unger
November 26, 2013
Hi Maria,

Please send us your address
October 28, 2013
Legion Post 19 Urges Support of Public Question Number 1 November 5th

Vote YES to Public Question Number 1 November 5th

Many veterans’ organizations in New Jersey, like local American Legion posts, are living from fundraiser to fundraiser, with little extra cash put away for a rainy day. So if a fire or hurricane destroys a local post’s building, reconstructing can be insurmountable. With many of these structures 50 to 60 years old, even paying for upkeep can be a challenge. Simply replacing an air-conditioning unit can cost $10,000. The challenges of insufficient funds could cause some of these organizations to fold, taking away from the community a vital partner, supporter and community center.

To aid these organizations, voters will be asked to approve a constitutional amendment on Nov. 5 in a public question, which will allow veterans’ organizations to use the net proceeds from games of chance to give them greater financial flexibility to pay their bills. The legislation enabling the change, S-87, requires the approval of a constitutional amendment, proposed in SCR-11, to become effective. Approval of the constitutional amendment will not increase taxes.

Veterans' associations sponsor Boy and Girl Scout troops; send local students to Boys and Girls State; enhance education in schools with a patriotic coloring contest, safety essay contest, and an oratorical contest on the Constitution; and support Hiring Our Heroes job fairs, events at veterans' homes, and aid local veterans or our troops.

“This is a vital piece of legislation for the viability of many of our veterans' posts,” said Jim Amos, state commander of the American Legion, Department of New Jersey. “The closure of a post would have a rippling negative effect throughout the community with the loss of programs, services and events provided by the American Legion that residents have come to expect. We ask the citizens of New Jersey to support us by voting yes on Public Question No. 1."

Vote YES to Public Question Number 1 November 5th

The Bayonne American Legion Post 19 supports the local American Legion Riders; conducts Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day and a 9/11 remembrance ceremony yearly in town; provides food donations to local homeless shelters; supports Boy Scouts flag retirement ceremonies; and sends shipments of food and supplies to deployed troops overseas. Approval of this ballot measure could assist the post in its current activities, in implementing new programs beneficial to the community.

Under current law, veterans’ organizations are required to dedicate the proceeds they raise from games of chance to educational, charitable, patriotic, religious or public-spirited uses. This legislation expands the permitted use of those proceeds collected from games of chance to include directly supporting the costs of the organization, including increased costs for maintenance, electric, gas, oil and other utilities in which senior citizens groups currently have that permission.

Concerned skater
October 20, 2013
Is anyone investigating the scandalous shut down of the Pershing Field Ice rink freezer system? Rumor has it that a city employee who is upset at the Mayor’s office decided to show his anger by shutting the system down causing all the rink ice to melt and ruining weeks of youth hockey schedules and countless hours of public enjoyment. While it should be shocking that a city employee would take his anger at the mayor out on hundreds of children, it sadly just is not. Hopefully the criminal will be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Loss of pension, time in jail, etc., let’s all hope.
October 04, 2013



Concerned Catholic
September 12, 2013
The Diocese of Newark fires St. Anthony High School principal/President. Thirty one years Sister has worked with the inner city youth and they fire her for financial reason???? Nun's make practically nothing. Who do they think they are kidding?