An open letter to Mayor Jerramiah Healy from Occupy Jersey City
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Mayor Healy:

As citizens of our country and contributors to our tax system, we, the members of Occupy Jersey City, along with other concerned citizens, request full transparency of your position in government. (This request also applies to any person knee-deep in corruption.)

If we must keep a system where money is in politics and corporations can “donate” with no end, then we need a leader that will fight against all political corruption who will NOT accept bribes. We must preserve the interest of the people.

Mayor, please convince us, ‘why do you need four more years?’ Your administration has fired hundreds of low-wage workers while giving salary increases to the top management. Your administration continues to appoint political cronies for different positions, including judges without an open and transparent process. The property tax increase under your watch, increased the rents in the city for the working-class and the middle class, while street crime increased and pushed many people to relocate to neighboring cities like Bayonne, Union City, etc. You continue to fund the failing autonomous agencies, as we pay high taxes and we do not get the service that we deserve!

Mr. Healy, should you get re-elected for another four years, how are you going to combat this current paradigm of gentrification that is providing a tremendous tax-burden on a struggling working-class and indirectly coercing Jersey City residents who have lived here their whole lives from their homes?

Unfortunately, you’ve surrounded yourself with many people, including your past City Council members who have turned out to be criminals - some of whom are currently incarcerated. What do you have to say to your constituents to show that you are untainted and reject all corruption, including corporate corruption, from your new City Council team of running-mates?

Occupy Jersey City wrote a similar letter to Councilperson Fulop, (specifically because he too is running for mayor of Jersey City), which was published in the local media.

Mr. Fulop has not responded to the people and our questions. We trust that you will.

-General Assembly
Voted and Passed Unanimously at OJC Meeting 2/21/2013

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