Bat/ball contact
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Question: In high school baseball and softball, batter-runner hits fair ball near home plate. Batter releases bat on fair ground; rolling bat contacts fair ball. Live/dead ball? Violation?

Answer: Dead ball; batter-runner is out for intentionally contacting ball with bat a second time in fair territory. Batter is responsible for release of rolling bat. (BB – Rule 8, Sec. 4, Art. 1(d); SB – Rule 7-4-13 & 14)

Question: Batter-runner taps a fair ball which backspins and contacts the motionless bat on fair territory and remains fair. Live/dead ball? Is batter called out? What is the call if ball rolled foul?

Answer: If ball contacts a still bat, ball remains live; hence, if ball stays fair, ball remains in play. If ball rolls foul, dead ball, strike on batter. There is no infraction if ball contacts a motionless bat on field. (BB – Rule 7-3-6; SB – Rule 7-4-14)

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