Batted ball
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Question: In high school baseball and softball, batter bunts the ball fair, but ball backspins and contacts the bat while still in his/her hands within the batter’s box. Live/dead ball? Is batter called out or is count resumed?

Answer: Dead ball; foul; despite second time contact of ball/bat by batter-runner, act is considered accidental as batter maintained position within box. Strike is added to count. (BB - Rule 8, Sec. 4, Art. 1(d-2); SB - Rule 7-4-13 (exception))

Question: Batter hits fair ball in front of homeplate; ball backspins and contacts batter-runner on fair ground. Offensive player has one foot entirely out of box while other foot remains in the box. Live/dead ball?

Answer: Dead ball; batter-runner is out for interference. (BB - Rule 8-4-2(k); SB - Rule 8-2-6)

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