Batter interference
by Mike Lynch
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Question: In high school baseball and softball, one out; runner on first base; two balls and one strike count on batter; as runner attempts to steal second base; batter swings and misses pitch for strike two. Backswing contacts catcher’s mitt and throw to second where runner is safe. Ump signals interference. Is batter or runner called out?

Answer: (BB) – On this delayed dead ball play, if runner was out at second base, the out would stand and batter assumes count of two balls and two strikes. If runner was safe, dead ball call and batter would be ruled out with runner returning to first base. (BB – Rule 7, Sec. 2, Art. 5-c; Pen.) (SB) – Automatic dead ball call; batter is out and runner remains at first. (SB – Rule 7-4-4)

Question: No outs, runners on third and first; batter swings and misses for ball one, strike one count. Momentum carries batter across home plate. Despite interference, catcher throws runner out at second base as runner from third scores. Live/dead/delayed dead ball play? Is runner out?

Answer: (BB) – Ball remains in play due to out call at second; run scores and batter continues count as batter interference is ignored. (BB only – Rule 7-3-5-a & c) (SB only) – Dead ball; batter called out on interference; runners return to base at time of pitch. (Rule 7-4-4 Pen.)

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