by Mike Lynch
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Question: In high school baseball and softball, must the first and third base coaching boxes be occupied by offensive personnel while the team is at bat?

Answer: Although not required, adult coaches or players may occupy the boxes. Coach must be in proper uniform. Players, only, are required to wear legal batting helmet within the box. (BB - Rule 1, Sec. 5, Art. 1; Rule 3, Sec. 2, Art. 1; SB - Rule 1-6-1; Rule 3- 5-2 & 3)

Question: Is the base coach required to vacate his/her area in the coaching box if there is a play on the batter or runner?

Answer: The coaching box is “not” a sanctuary for the coach; hence, if the defense is attempting a play, the coach must vacate the area. (BB), dead ball, batter-runner or runner is out and runners return. (Rule 5, Sec. 1, Art. 1(g); Rule 3-2-3; Rule 7-3-5 & Rule 8-4-2(g)) (SB), depending upon batted/thrown ball; dead ball in both; batter and/or runner is out; runner closest to home could be called out in certain plays. (Rule 5-1-1(g); Rule 3-5-5 & Rule 8-6-(16-19))

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