Election Day was a great day for Hoboken Democrats! So, why isn’t Chairman Cryan happy?
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Dear Editor:

We are Hoboken Democratic Committeepeople who have served the Hoboken Democratic Party for a number of years. November 6 was a great day for Hoboken Democrats. President Obama, Senator Menendez, Congressman Sires, and our entire Column A slate of Democrats were re-elected by large margins, and we Hoboken Democrats came out in full force for our ticket.

So, when we saw that our Democratic Committee Chairman wrote a Letter to Editor about the November 6 election, we were surprised that Chairman Cryan didn’t even mention President Obama, Senator Menendez, or Congressman Sires and – worse -- didn’t thank Hoboken’s voters for the extraordinary efforts that they made to exercise their right to vote in the wake of Hurricane Sandy!

Our election officials were tasked with conducting an election under the most challenging circumstances our State has ever faced, and through their efforts over 20,000 Hobokenites were able to cast their votes despite the severe dislocation that affected virtually every Hoboken resident.

Unlike Chairman Cryan, we Democratic Committeepeople see the November 6th election not only as an unqualified success for President Obama, and our slate of Democratic candidates, but also as a tribute to our local election officials’ ability to move quickly and embrace innovative solutions to ensure that citizens already impacted by Hurricane Sandy were not also disenfranchised as a result of the storm.

Very Truly Yours
Melissa Abernathy
John P. Carey
Steve Sternberg

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December 02, 2012
Jamie Cryan didn't forget that the Democratic Committee is supposed to support Democrats. He just thinks winning non-partisan Board of Education elections and non-partisan City Council seats is more important. I guess that explains why he is so mad about an election when all the Democrats won but Mayor Zimmer kicked his ass.
December 02, 2012
It is easy to understand why Jamie Cryan is unhappy if you remember he ran the campaign to put Tim Occhipinti on the City Council for Beth Mason and Old Guard politicos, that subverted the democratic stystem by paying over 500 election day workers.