End game?
by Johnny Sixshooter
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The injury bug has cropped up in the WWE. According to WWE.com, Ezekial Jackson will be out up to six-months with a quadriceps injury. WWE had high hopes for Jackson in 2010, and this is a big loss for the organization. But this is not the only WWE injury news. Now there is a possibility that HHH might have to sit some time out as well with a neck injury. The Game will try and fight through the injury, but the WWE has pulled him from all house shows for now.

The elephant in the room has to be talked about; how long can HHH keep going as an active wrestler? This is a man who has blown out both quadriceps, both knees, and his neck. HHH is no longer young enough to just bounce back. In a year that might see the retiring of HBK as well as the Undertaker, the WWE might be at a crossroads with the possibility of HHH having to evaluate his future with the company.

There is a strong possibility of good old JR, Jim Ross, joining TNA at month’s end. According to JR’s personal Web site, Ross’s contract will be running out on the 30th of this month. While there have not been any negotiations on the WWE’s end, there is still a chance he signs back. Former ECW owner/creator Paul Heyman has also been contacted by TNA to join up.

Heyman has been hesitant unless he can get some creative control in the company. It is a touchy issue, but if it can be worked out, TNA could get that innovative creative mind they need behind the scenes. Right now, TV is being written by Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff. Russo’s style has been throwing too much at the average viewer all at the same time. Stories need to be slowed down in TNA to maximize their impact.

Chris Kanyon passed away at his New York City apartment last week of an apparent suicide. The former WCW star was an innovator when it came to creating new wrestling moves. Never really appreciated as a main event guy, Kanyon flourished in the mid-card with characters like Positively Kanyon, Champagne Kanyon, the Alliance MVP, and Mortis. His brief run with the WWE after they purchased WCW was one of the few entertaining parts of the WCW/ECW takeover angle. Kanyon was 40 years old.

The WWE will be making a TV change in the next few months. “Friday Night Smackdown” will no longer be on MyNetwork TV. Its new home will be the SyFy network. “NxT,” which has been airing on Tuesday nights on SyFy, will no longer be on that network and might be cancelled altogether. There is always the possibility that the show might just air on WWE.com. This is a significant move for the WWE because SyFy will be kicking in a reportedly additional $15 to 20 million for the rights of “Friday Night Smackdown.”

Backstage people in TNA are reportedly concerned about whether or not the demons of Jeff Hardy’s past have crept back into his life. Hardy has had drug issues before in his career and TNA is keeping a watchful eye on him. So far, Hardy has had some ring rust from his layoff and TNA is hopeful it is just that, and not a bigger issue.

Christopher Daniels, the Nasty Boys, and Consequences Creed are no longer with TNA wrestling. Daniels has already signed on with “Ring of Honor,” which is on weekly over at HDnet. Christopher Daniels was a TNA original. Did he deserve to get released? Probably not. But in the world of wrestling, if you do not produce television ratings, your run will be short. Time and time again, Daniels was put into the spotlight and did not draw. That is not entirely the Fallen Angel’s fault because the writers have some blame in this as well.

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