If he succeeds, we all succeed!
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Dear Editor:

The residents, taxpayers and renters of Jersey City are expected to receive a substantial property tax increase. This naturally is unacceptable, but was expected. The Healy administration had always developed a pattern, when they were in power. They always painted a rosy picture before the Mayoral election, of financial stability. It was the calm before the storm.

There couldn’t possibly be any logical assumption relating to a sensible tax reduction, when the Healy Administration had us subsidizing abatement of properties, pay to play, no bid contracts, nepotism and top heavy fat cats milking our municipal coffers unmercifully, with perks and pay raises. Mayor Fulop has ordered a desk audit, which is imperative on anyone receiving a paycheck from the City of Jersey City; hopefully this will also include checking all their attendance records?

One suggestion mayor is to bring back the Jersey City Ethics Board.

Fortunately the people of Jersey City finally realized that Healy offered them nothing but a sad existence. They threw a monkey wrench into his plans, by voting him out of office, but they were still infected and burdened with his deceitful and questionable financial practices. This is obviously showing its ugly head in the present, by adding a revenue shortfall.

So far his elected replacement Mayor Steven Fulop shows promise, with new refreshing visions, policies and procedures, by going against the grain. Not following the same warped failed traditions of the past, by breaking the cycle. Unfortunately if he doesn’t effectively and productively perform these essential tasks which include decreasing property taxes and improving the quality of life for the people of Jersey City in the future, then he must face the same fate as Healy.

Mr. Fulop in his defense did inherit these budgetary shortfalls from the previous administration. So I’m willing to give him a well deserved one and only free pass! The citizens of Jersey City were subjected to long droughts of forced social/economic deficiencies and inefficiencies, in the past, by a runaway unchained municipal government. We need solutions and results, not more excuses.

I supported Steve Fulop in his quest as mayor and was elated when he was elected, offering my full support. I want him to succeed, because if he succeeds, we all succeed!

Contrary to the fact if he and his administration displays obvious signs of reliving the past, repeating the same ineptitudes and failures over and over again, simulating the Healy Administration then I must admit the obvious, but so far this is not the case.

Let’s hope and pray this tax increase is only temporary and taxes will be reduced and become more stabilized in the future. Let’s hope and pray our quality of life will significantly improve.

William P. Frasca
Jersey City, N.J.

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