In Hoboken on Saturday, reporters wait outside home of non-suspect in school shooting
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Reporters wait on Saturday outside the Hoboken home of Ryan Lanza, the brother of school shooting suspect Adam Lanza.
Reporters wait on Saturday outside the Hoboken home of Ryan Lanza, the brother of school shooting suspect Adam Lanza.
HOBOKEN -- On a sunny Saturday morning, the day after the deadliest public school shooting in American history, a few print and TV reporters were waiting outside the home of Ryan Lanza, the suspect's older brother.

On Friday, a man identified in news reports as 20-year-old Adam Lanza apparently shot 26 people to death at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., and killed his mother, a teacher, at home. Adam Lanza was also found dead at the school.

That same day, law enforcement sources gave the media incorrect information that Adam's brother Ryan, who lived in Hoboken, was a suspect. The confusion occurred because Adam had been holding Ryan's ID.

But according to local news outlets, Ryan was at work at Friday and wasn't even aware of the shootings, and began posting on his Facebook page in response to people and the media implicating him. When he got home to Hoboken, the police questioned him and a roommate.

Rumors flew fast and furious in front of Ryan's uptown building all of Friday, and Hoboken police, who were on the scene investigating, released a statement there. The media mostly left on Friday evening when the suspect's true identity was discovered.

However, CNN, the New York Times, and other media returned on Saturday for the second day of coverage. One reporter asked people walking by if they know Ryan Lanza.

Meanwhile, groups of other twentysomethings who live and party in this densely populated town walked by the same corner unaware, dressed in Santa for the annual 'Santacon' event being held across the river in New York City.

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December 16, 2012
I do not know who is more stupid in this case: The Police who lied about Ryan Lanza or the news media who believed them. If Adam Lanza was dead of a self-inflicted wound in Newtown, Connecticutt, how could he be working in Hoboken< new jersey. My granddaughter immediately said either we have Keystone cops in Connecticutt who do know know if Adam is the killer or they liued. If the cops were right they had the right killer,then why were they sending out false information to the cops in Hoboken,New Jersey. Why didn't the cops in Hoboken cops call back and say that Ryan was here in New Jersey. That was what I do Not understand. The cops in Connecticutt claimed the killer was dead in Connecticutt, yet they tell the Hoboken police to pick up and handcuff Ryan for nothing and no reason. Beyond the police being liars and knaves, i want to tear into the news media. The news media either knew or should have known that Ryan was not the killer. Onle the cops admitted they screwed up as they always do. the news media continue to camp outside Ryan's home. Why? For what purpose? The headlines should have read. Dumb cops Arrest and Handcuff and Harass Innocent person! Law suits will Follow!