Infield fly rule
by Mike Lynch
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Question: In high school baseball and softball, less than two outs; bases loaded or runners on second and first; batter hits an infield fly ball, which can be caught with usual effort. Infield fly rule is called by umpires. Is the rule still in effect if the infielder drops the ball or allows the ball to fall to the ground? Must runners tag up to advance?

Answer: Rule remains in effect whether ball is caught or dropped. Runners are required to tag up if ball is caught in order to advance. (BB – Rule 2, Sec. 19; Rule 8-4-1(c); SB – Rule 2, Sec. 30; Rule 8-4-1(c))

Question: Runners on third and first; less than two outs; batter lofts a high fair fly ball to the infield. Is the infield fly rule in effect?

Answer: No; there must be two consecutive force play situations in effect. In this play, there is only one force play in effect at second base. (BB – Rule 2, Sec. 19; SB – Rule 2, Sec. 30)

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