Thanks to friends and neighbors who defeated attack on rent control
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Dear Editor:

What can we say but THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts? The verdict took 22 nail-biting days, but the results are in and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief and say, “We won!” We are humbled, grateful, and extraordinarily happy and, we know we owe this victory to the wonderful community that we call home.

The list of people to thank is much too long to list here, 8,248 in Hoboken alone, but we do want to send out a special ‘thank you’ to our mayor who had the courage to publically take a stand against Hoboken Public Question No. 2 and in support of maintaining Hoboken’s rent control protections despite all of us knowing that rent controls are commonly referred to as the third rail of politics and no mayor since Tom Vezzetti has publically lent their support to Hoboken’s renters.

Defeating the attack on rent control will now take its place in Hoboken’s election-history books where the turn of phrase ‘every vote counts,’ once again resonates across the tapestry of our mile square city. Some will point to the small margin of victory and view the win through a negative lens. We, on the other hand, see the victory as all the more delicious because of it.

Hoboken’s proud history is chock full of twists and colorful lore. Over two decades ago a tireless group of citizens took on the powerful Port Authority in an election campaign to save the Hoboken waterfront. They won the election by a narrow victory of only 12 votes. To this day, every one of us that cast a ‘no’ vote in that election is delighted to proclaim, “I was one of the 12.” Congratulations to everyone that voted to protect and defend their friends and neighbors in Hoboken. You will forever more be able to proclaim that you are one of the 52!

With much gratitude to every one of you,
Cheryl Fallick

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December 12, 2012
Congrats are in order for the Kid's First slate, the committee of petitioners for reform and the tenants and people that support rent control. my my, Ron Simoncini is certainly a sore loser isn't he? I imagine that we'll be hearing about whatever despicable and underhanded tactic he and his group of developer and real estate interests are going to try in order to steal the hard fought victory from the true winners of the election. Yes folks, there are no limits to how low this group will stoop. There have been on line postings from real estate agents that are actually saying that they cannot let the victory be taken from them. Imagine!!! Hate to break it to's NOT their victory.