The remarkable and resilient people of Jersey City.
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Dear Editor:

Last week, the Municipal Council of the City of Jersey City issued a proclamation commending Jersey City Sandy Recovery for “meritorious services and benevolent community support” in ongoing efforts by our over 750 volunteers helping their neighbors recover from the horrific storm.

As the council noted, in just about five weeks Jersey City Sandy Recovery (JCSR) has collected more than $250,000 in food and supplies from 44 states and seven countries and, with a small army of volunteers, distributed these donations to some 2,500 needy families and individuals. JCSR’s unpaid workers have cleaned enough debris from city streets to fill 30 dumpsters and, operating out of the historic Barrow Mansion downtown, published "The Daily Sandy" for four days after the storm, providing a valuable source of information about recovery and where to go for help.

We have connected storm victims looking for help with lawyers, health-care professionals and city, state and federal officials. People can still ask for assistance and get information via our Facebook group:, which has grown to nearly 2,500 members.

As we slowly but surely help bring our great city back, JCSR wishes to return the council’s good will with a promise: we aren’t going anywhere. We vow to continue our mission of finding out what Jersey City residents need to recover and to find practical ways to address those needs.

It’s true the need for immediate help, while still very much there, and has thankfully become less. Though, believe it or not, hundreds of our neighbors are still without power or heat, we are no longer collecting food or supplies – except in special circumstances. Instead, JCSR is developing ways to help victims of Hurricane Sandy over the long run of the coming weeks, months and even years.

We have created and distributed a detailed booklet, “RECOVER & PREPARE: Resources Available Now,”to guide those still in need of help. (It’s available at We have helped residents of several buildings negotiate with their landlords and city officials to restore vital services. And we have formed partnerships with important allies including Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross and the Office of Mayor Jeremiah Healy.

Soon, we intend to incorporate as a legal non-profit charity recognized by both the state and federal governments. This will allow us to directly seek financial support.

Jersey City Sandy Recovery has been a success for one reason: the remarkable and resilient people of Jersey City. They are a resource which we believe will never run out.

Our thanks to the Municipal Council and to the wonderful city they represent.

Jersey City Sandy Recovery

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