Vote Carol Lester for an outstanding public education
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Dear Editor:

My name is Carol Lester and I am running as an incumbent candidate for the November 5th Jersey City Board of Education (JCBOE) election because I want all of our Jersey City children to receive an outstanding public education. I am proud of the work I have done on the JCBOE since May 2010, but there is still more to do in turning this giant ship around. During my tenure, I chaired the Superintendent National Search Committee and Personnel Committee, which brought us 1) new leadership, 2) a complete central office realignment, 3) savings of $3 million, and 4) expanded school based decision making in staffing, budgeting and drop out prevention.

Since Summer 2012, I have chaired the Science, Technology and Green Initiatives Committee which spearheaded: 1) WIFI in every school, 2) a $3.5 million science lab at Dickinson, 3) a district-wide energy audit, 4) increased solar panels, 5) free (PSE&G) high energy lighting for many schools, 6) "A Garden in Every School" with Nat'l Gardening Association, and 7) more partnerships between students, teachers and community gardening and preservation. On our to "do list" is an end to styrene usage and improved recycling and composting. Our students should have "real world" project-based learning science labs when our curriculum includes these green initiatives. I am running with three highly qualified candidates who will continue the vital work the Board has been doing: Ellen Simon (1-P), Micheline Amy (3-I) and Jessica Daye (1-I).
 Please vote for them and for me, Carol Lester (J-6), for Jersey City Board of Education on November 5th. 
Sincerely, Carol Lester Jersey City Board of Education Trustee & past Vice President (Opinions expressed here are Ms. Lester's alone, and are not meant to represent the views of the Jersey City Board of Education or any other of it's members.)

Carol Lester

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October 28, 2013
Who is twhite?

Isn't this violation of sunshine law to invite 5 more board members ?


From: Schoolboard

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2012 3:22 PM

To: info@campaign...; twhite@becker...; marvin_adam..@...; chaconsult@....; Valentin, Angel;suzmack@....;sterl..@...

Subject: RE: Contact requested

Hi Charter school friends:

I received 70emails from this info at campaign connect site. Please allow Mendez or Janet ( or one point person) to keep me updated, but l cannot be on this email list as it booted others BOE inbox item

I will see you at our revised meeting time Friday 7:30am per Janet's request

Thank you

Carol Lester
October 28, 2013
1) New Leadership


We all saw the drama including secret meetings and state pulling the strings and she was against merit pay in 2010, then she was fine with merit pay for this hire. When is she going to give the benchmarks to the new leadership, it is almost a year now?

Did she provide all the resumes to all the board members to review the resumes?

2) a complete central office realignment


I have been asking for a full org chart and all we got is top management chart. We are paying more to the top management including the recent Mr Bing hire and let us not even talk about the mess up in hiring Counsel from Mr Evenland to Ms Shannon

3) savings of $3 million


I don't know what is this about, do any one know about this? If so, then, why did our taxes go up 2% every year?

Why did she vote for Fairview Insurance contract knowing that the firm came in the second place and got pushed up to number one thru a new process?

When we found the $2m tax error, where was she, why didn't she ask the board to return the money to the tax payers?

4) expanded school based decision making in staffing...


Like how Mr Castro of ps 3 a vice principal got eliminated from the selection process. Let us not talk about Synder.

All I know is:

- She voted for outsourcing teachers at the tax payers extra expense of $500k

- StrikeForce

When is she going to tell about her breakfast meetings and disclosing closed session details to her special charter school friends?

Didn't she know that her charter school lobby friend also was the spokesperson for Fairveiw Insurance? Why didn't she abstain?

Why didn't she use these titles, in this letter?

02- 08 Board Member and 2 term Board President, THE LEARNING COMMUNITY CHARTER SCHOOL

93- 94 Jersey City Community activist lobbying in Trenton for Charter School legislation

94- 97 Co Founder for LCCS, editor Charter proposal, site alternative and staff committee member