The great deceiver dies
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Back in 1968, a year before I joined the U.S. Army, the real test of being a legitimate left-wing radical was whether you went to Cuba. A number of people I knew through Abbie Hoffman’s runaway cen...
The other side of Alexander Hamilton
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Dear Editor: In an Oct. 9 article “Hamilton on the Hudson” (Weehawken, where Burr killed Hamilton) you quote Jim Furman, one of the visitors to the site: “Hamilton is the father of modern banking. ...
Did you miss these stories from Bayonne?
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The seemingly endless quest for a settlement of the teachers’ contract was complicated last week when William Blanchard, a math teacher at Bayonne High School, sent out a letter to union members as...
‘Happening Place’
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On August 20, the Wall Street Journal ran a full-page story in the “Open House Saturday” real-estate section. The headline was “Hoboken is a Happening Place: Mile Square City appeals to young profe...
Book Hits the Big Screen
A Hoboken writer walks the Red Carpet at the Toronto Film Festiva
by Al Sullivan
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Many people know Caren Lissner as the editor in chief of The Hudson Reporter. Fewer people know that this longtime Hoboken resident is the author of a highly successful novel, Carrie Pilby , recent...
War Stories
No battle fatigue for these WWII vets
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The town of Hoboken—and indeed our nation—should be honored to have World War II vets still among us. Craig Wallace Dale shot beautiful portraits of these American heroes, who took time out to shar...
Smoke Signals
Hoboken: Land of the Tobacco Pipe?
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Our little patch of the New World, which hugs the Hudson River, between the George Washington and Verrazano Bridges, is a gorgeous mosaic of early Native American, Dutch, and English history. The n...
Turns out that “Hoboken” is a popular word in book titles
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OK, we’re probably never going to see a title like the one in the headline for this story. But still, there are a surprising number of books with “Hoboken” in the title. Lina Podles, director of th...
Playing Defense
Court to Court with Brian J. Neary
by Kate Rounds
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He stands out in a crowd. He’s the one who, at Schnackenberg’s on a summer afternoon, is wearing a bowtie and baby-blue seersucker suit. He’s what used to be called a “natty dresser.” Brian Neary i...
Hanging Out With Joe Cantatore
by Mario A. Martinez
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Meet Joseph Cantatore, a millennial and Hoboken native who was the recipient of The Award of Recognition for Best Short Documentary by a Student from The Accolade Global Film Competition (AGFC) in ...