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Obscenity ordinance vote postponed With dozens of people – including religious leaders – set to speak on a proposed ordinance that would loosen some regulations on what is considered obscene, the C...
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Man sentenced in hit-and-run that killed hospital employee A man arrested in connection with a fatal hit-and-run near Palisades Medical Center last year received a five-year prison sentence last we...
Observer Highway wall
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Dear Editor: The Rebuild by Design (RBD) Flood Resistance project is very important to our community. But it needs to be done right, not only for our sake, but for future generations. When the firs...
Biggest political blunder in Hudson County history?
by Al Sullivan
Reporter staff writer
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In what some Hudson County Democrats are calling “the biggest blunder” in Hudson County political history, state Sen. and Union City Brian Stack virtually threw away his chance to become the chair ...
The case for legalizing pot
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Dear Editor: Marijuana should be legalized throughout the entire United States. The legalization of marijuana will benefit society in several ways. First, by taxing marijuana sales and imports, sta...
Northeast legal services rocks
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Dear Editor: Located near the Hudson County Court House this legal organization helps countless low income individual, from appellant cases involving Food Stamps, SSI and Unemployment Benefits, to ...
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Funeral services took place June 9 for Howard Franklin Williams, 74. He passed away May 25. The son of the late Otto Williams and Juanita Williams, he was born in Jersey City. His formal education ...
Enlivening Ourselves
by Dr. Sallie Norquist
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Dear Dr. Norquist: I’m a 27 year old single attractive woman who is very lonely, depressed, and does not see the point in living. I have no friends because I believe that friends do not exist, I ha...
Secaucus’ Khriss leaps to Group I hurdles title
by Jim Hague
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When Adam Khriss arrived in the United States from his native Morocco, he knew he wanted to be involved in sports. “I wanted to get involved in swimming, because I loved to swim,” Khriss said. “I p...
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Secaucus plans multi-purpose indoor recreational facility on Meadowlands Parkway A new recreational facility on Meadowlands Parkway is in the works, according to Town Administrator Gary Jeffas. The...