Remembering Francis Albert Sinatra
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Dear Editor: May 14, 2016 will mark 18 years since the death of world renowned singer/actor Frank Sinatra in 1998. Hoboken, NJ's native son left an indelible legacy of classy showmanship in his ill...
Encore…for a 22nd year!
Thousands to take to the streets for Hoboken Arts & Music Festival
by Steven Rodas
Reporter Staff Writer
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While not sharing the marquee of the 22nd annual Hoboken Arts and Music Festival with musicians like Leon Russell and Amanda Holley, Jersey City-based singer Sylvana Joyce is ecstatic that the bian...
BelovEd expands
Charter school acquires land for new middle school
by Al Sullivan
Reporter staff writer
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BelovED Community Charter School has acquired a half-acre parcel of land at 535 Grand St. in Jersey City, directly across the street from its elementary schools, for its planned 40,000 square- foot...
Real estate summit attracts 350 professionals
Growth in North Jersey real estate, especially Jersey City, praised
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Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty and the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) Northern New Jersey Chapter recently hosted the first New Jersey Real Estate Summit at t...
Don’t look now, but Snyder has a winning baseball team
by Jim Hague
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Your eyes are not deceiving you. That headline is correct. It’s not blurry. There’s no need for the special reading glasses. Snyder High School – yes, that same Snyder we’ve all tried to forget com...
Robotic fish, ‘heart driver’, self-sustaining garden…
Inventors reveal the future at Stevens Innovation Expo
by Steven Rodas
Reporter Staff Writer
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The air at Stevens Institute of Technology’s campus on Wednesday, April 27 was filled with innovation as the school’s annual expo drew crowds from near and far. “This is an exposition for engineeri...
Showcase highlights solutions to bullying
High Tech students stress support for freshmen
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Students from High Tech High School – a countywide public school based in North Bergen -- showcased a performance called “The High Tech Talk Show: Start the Conversation” on March 24, followed by a...
Soldiers, not warriors
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Dear Editor: About the article in April 10 Reporter about local towns paying tribute (belatedly) to Vietnam veterans. As a veteran myself (of an earlier war, just as stupid and futile and unnecessa...
Happy Earth Day to you
Local magician teaches kids about recycling, saving the planet
by Samantha Meyers
Reporter Staff Writer
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Union City resident Mike Gomez, otherwise known as magician “Micky Magic,” used an old newspaper to hold water over preschool teacher Ms. Martias’s head. When he opened the newspaper, the water was...
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Private funeral services have been held for Madeline Quinlan 92, of West New York. She passed away April 20. She was born in Duluth, Minn., and lived most of her life in West New York. She was a bo...