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Get that sandwich right or else!

Police responded to a report of a man with a weapon at 11:44 a.m. on Wednesday March 27 around Third and Jackson streets. The caller said that the man in his store had a knife in his hand, the report said. Police met the victim, an employee of the store. The employee said that he was making a sandwich for a customer when the customer allegedly said he did not make the sandwich right for his daughter. The victim allegedly put cheese on a sandwich for the customer’s daughter who did not want cheese so the customer allegedly told him to respect his little girl and give her what she ordered, and then allegedly pulled out a 6-inch knife. The customer exited and allegedly told the victim to come outside. The victim then dialed 911. Due to a new security system, a visual of the man or any video footage could not be obtained, the report said.

$15 robbery on Jackson Street

On Wednesday, March 20 at 1:21 a.m., police responded to 300 Jackson St. where a man said he had allegedly been physically assaulted and robbed of $15. The victim said that a man in a black hood, wearing a hat, and with facial hair had allegedly taken him to the ground and demanded money before taking $15 from him. The alleged assailant then fled north on Jackson, according to the report.

Police found an individual matching the description but the victim said it was not he who robbed him.

Police allegedly threatened and assaulted

Police responded to a disturbance around Third and Jackson streets about 3 a.m. on Sunday, March 24. Deeon Walker, 25, was allegedly yelling and screaming foul language. Walker allegedly called a police officer profane names and threatened to fight the officer.

The officers watched Walker walk north on Jackson Street. As he approached Fifth Street, the officers walked east and went towards a nearby grocery store. Walker then allegedly walked past an officer and drove his shoulder into the officer’s chest causing pain. Walker was placed under arrest and charged with terroristic threats and assaulting a cop. Walker was found in a possession of a Hoboken Housing Authority key while being processed, which he allegedly said belonged to his mother.

Walker also allegedly threatened to make the police officer’s job harder.

Whose pot is it anyway?

Police noticed a car traveling very fast, headed west on Fourth Street on Friday, March 22 between 2:12 and 2:20 a.m. The car allegedly circled and then parked around Third and Madison St. Then, the car began to pull away and drive very slowly. Police followed. Police noticed objects allegedly obstructing the view of the driver as well as a blinker not functioning properly and pulled the car over.

The distinct smell of burnt marijuana was emanating from the car, the police report said. Police then spotted a brown leaf cigar in the middle of the two front seats with green vegetation believed to be marijuana.

The driver, Robert M. Warren Jr., and passengers Samir George and Eric A. Rivera were all charged with possession under 50 grams, when police could not determine who the controlled dangerous substance belonged to. Two more brown leaf cigars and a clear bag of marijuana were found allegedly on Rivera.

$729 worth of hair products stolen, almost

Police received a call on Tuesday, March 26 around 6:50 p.m. that an employee of a downtown store was actively in foot pursuit of a man who just allegedly shoplifted from the store. A light-skinned male in a red jacket and blue hat was allegedly running west on Observer Highway from Washington Street.

Police saw the employee on Newark and Bloomfield streets who said he had lost the male and again gave a description. Police then saw a male walking quickly westbound on Observer Highway from Garden Street, the police report said. The police stopped the car and told the man to turn around and to drop the two black bags he was carrying. The man, Jorge F. Pagan, was then told to place his hands in the air, the report said. According to the report, police walked toward Pagan and he fled west. Police relayed to dispatch that they were in foot pursuit and then again found the man making a right from Willow toward Newark Street. An officer then took him to the ground as other officers were arriving, the report said. Pagan was handcuffed and was allegedly found to have a hypodermic needle on him. However, later it was found that Pagan was part of the State of New Jersey Syringe Access Program and was carrying his card as such, so he was not charged with this offense.

The two bags Pagan allegedly dropped had $729.49 worth of (23) hair products in them, which were returned to the store. Pagan was charged with shoplifting, resisting arrest, and bail jumping. The report said Pagan had two outstanding warrants, one in North Bergen and one in Jersey City.

Overturned car, driving while under the influence

Police responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident on Tuesday, March 26 around 11:47 p.m. Police found an overturned vehicle on Newark Street. Units on the scene said the occupants of the car were already in an ambulance being treated.

The vehicle allegedly struck two parked vehicles before turning over. Police questioned the driver, Jennifer A. Meyer, 26, of Harrison, who was very upset, the report said. Neither Meyer nor the female passenger could remember the accident details, the report said. Police noticed the driver was allegedly slurring speech and the smell of an alcoholic beverage was emanating, the report said.

Police asked Meyer if she had been drinking and she said she had no more than two beers earlier that night, the report said. Meyer and the passenger were transported to Hoboken University Medical Center.

Police noticed at the hospital that one of the females had difficulty standing and walking without swaying, the report said. Both females were allegedly complaining of neck and back pain and taken to triage. Police told Meyer they wanted to administer a battery of field sobriety tests to determine if she was impaired. Meyer was allegedly adamant that she was not intoxicated. Meyer allegedly said she did not feel comfortable with a walk and turn evaluation or a leg lift evaluation, the report said. Police did conduct a horizontal gaze nystagmus, a viewing of the eyes, the report said. Police also conducted a finger dexterity test. According to the report, Meyer had difficulty with the tests and was placed under arrest around 12:40 a.m. for driving while under the influence as well as assault by auto for injuries sustained by the passenger. After being released by the attending physician, Meyer was transported to Hudson County Sheriff’s Department Headquarters in Jersey City, and later Hoboken Police Department Headquarters, the report said.

Bad trip leads to hospital trip

Police responded to a bar dispute on Monday, March 25 around 8:54 p.m. in the area of 800 Jackson. Police were told that a man was being held down in an establishment by patrons after a dispute allegedly turned physical. Police found Julius J. Walker of Jersey City attempting to free himself while three males were allegedly holding him down, the police report said. Walker was allegedly yelling incoherently, sweating profusely, rambling and appeared to be under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance. Walker was allegedly clenching his body in a fit of rage, the report said. Police requested ambulatory assistance and HVAC was dispatched, the report said. Walker allegedly told police in the presence of HVAC that he had “smoked marijuana and took some acid.” Walker was put on a medical stretcher and transported to Hoboken University Medical Center for blood and urine evaluation, the report said. A witness later told police that Walker entered the establishment and immediately began screaming. Walker then allegedly yelled “you” and pointed at the victim and then allegedly struck the victim in the side of the head. The witness said that patrons then allegedly wrestled Walker to the ground. Walker was charged with disorderly conduct, possession, use, or being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance, and failure to appear. Walker had an outstanding warrant in North Bergen, police said.

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