Mayor Fulop shows his true colors
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Dear Editor:

George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” has arrived in Jersey City. Many of you may or may not remember the story, but here’s a short summary.

There was a drunken farmer Mr. Jones, owner of (Manor Farm). He neglected and abused all his farm animals. This intolerable situation eventually leads to a rebellion and overthrow, initiated by a wise old pig named “Major”. Major’s philosophical leadership projected a new concept that all the animals must remain equal. No animal was to be better than the other. All had the same rights and privileges. They were to work together equally for the betterment of the community. This new government worked well until “Old Major” died, leaving the door wide open for another pig “Napoleon to forcibly take over with the help of his loyal ferrous army of dogs. The dogs being feared by the animals, kept them all in line.

Under Napoleon the pigs became the self proclaimed elite privileged supreme leaders. All the other animals under their rule became subservient. Their only choice was to obey or be eliminated. The pigs were worse than the farmer “Mr. Jones”

How does this story compare with Jersey City? There was a citizen’s group exercising their right to protest at a council meeting in November, against the outrageous proposed Journal Square (30) year tax abatement. Whether the people of Jersey City realize it or not, this generous gift that was bestowed upon the developers, by Mayor Fulop and his City Council of marionettes will be a despicable financial albatross around our necks.

Abatements in the past no matter what shape or form increased corruption, political handouts and created an unnecessary hardship to the residents in the form of increased tax revenues. Mr. Fulop stated that this abatement was new and improved because unlike the past, the developers agreed to improve the Journal Square area. Will this agreement also pay for the obvious increases of added police, fire and emergency services? Why not charge them their full fair share of taxes instead of these abatements? The extra revenue can be used to improve any part of the City without restrictions?

Jersey City is in a prime location, right next to New York and less expensive. This in itself is an enticing opportunity, without any gimmicks or sellouts such abatements or kickbacks.

Inappropriately at this same Council meeting, the conceited egotistical elite City Council ordered the removal of one of the protesters, by the police. This goes against our Constitutional first amendment right to Freedom of the Speech. Where does it state that a citizen has no right to peacefully, non-violently protest against the actions of one’s government? A loud voice of protest doesn’t symbolize physical aggression. Does the Fulop Administration arrogantly believe they are above the United States Constitution? Agree or be silenced!

Councilman Fulop and Mayor Fulop are two different animals. Councilman Fulop followed decency and respect. Mayor Fulop is endorsing tyranny. Unfortunately his true colors have surfaced. We got fooled again.

William P. Frasca
Jersey City, N. J.

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November 24, 2013
Poor analogy. And although I welcome and respect differing points of view, this sounds like it's coming purely from a sourpuss perspective. Keep up the fight though!