The right choice on June 10: Davis
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To the Editor:

About two weeks remain until the next election and the citizens of Bayonne will have made up their minds and voted for who they believe in.  For me personally, I will be happy when it is over.  As all of you can imagine, the entire campaign season is entirely draining and endless.  When it is all said and done, then the real fun and work begins.

As I started knocking on doors again, I have sometimes met people who I have met before. One thing I will say is that the reaction is very different.  The expression of delight and happiness gives me butterflies and I can actually feel the energy and enthusiasm.

This is what the entire Davis Team brings to Our Bayonne.  It’s the energy and positive message that will rise over bullying and fear tactics.

There are many items of interest that we all should think about when we go back to the polls on June 10.

First and foremost, should be taxes, Broadway and the land down at the Military Ocean Terminal.  Then, we should look at the past promises made at the conclusion of the last election and see if any of them were kept.

When we look at the last six years, has any of the above areas changed for better or for worse?  If you can honestly say better then you seriously should see an eye doctor followed up by a psychiatrist.  If you say worse then I would agree with you that Bayonne needs a new manager and a new team in city hall that truly will represent the people of Bayonne.  I urge all of you to connect with the positive energy, focus, and enthusiasm of the Davis Team. 

Let’s rehash the past six years:

Are taxes stabilized? No. Up 27 percent in six years

Is Broadway revitalized? No. Period.

Did the mayor transfer the debt of Bayonne to our children? Yes, in lieu of a higher water bill for the next 40 years.

Did the mayor have a plan for our teachers knowing and being in office two years before the contract ended?   No, no planning.

Did the mayor personally bring new development to Bayonne?  No.  Bayonne has great location, plenty of land and is the only town with low crime, great access to transit, good schools, close to NYC and a has a growing diverse community.

The mayor did not mention the word “community” in his debates because he doesn’t care for us. It is his way or no way.

Now the mayor wants four more years?  Gimme a break.

This is our Bayonne not the mayor’s, not the council’s. What we have seen over the last four years is full of rubber stamps and broken records.  This town is worth fighting for and I urge all of you to stand up and continue to fight, spread the word that We, the People are united, we are ready, we will take back our city on June 10.  I believe in all of you and I ask that you have faith and believe that we can and will get the job done. We will put Bayonne back on the map out of the six-year time warp we have been in.


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