by Mike Lynch
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: In high school, baseball and softball, when do umpires have game jurisdiction? (Parking lot upon arrival; within confines of field of play or when conducting pre-game conference at home plate?)

ANSWER: (BB) Jurisdiction starts when umpires arrive within confines of field. (SB) Authority begins when one umpire arrives within confines of field of play. (BB& SB- Rule 10, Sec. 1, Art.2)

QUESTION: Bases are loaded; one out; batter lofts a high fair fly within infield which can be caught by the shortstop with ordinary effort. Neither umpire seems to call, “Infield Fly, batter out.” Is the infield fly rule waived off due to umpire error? Is infield rule still in effect?

ANSWER: Despite the lack of communication by umpires, the conditions for the infield rule are in effect; hence, batter is out and ball remains in play. Players and coaches are also responsible for knowledge of rules. (BB- Rule 10, Sec. 2, Art. 3 Casebook) (SB Rule 2, Sec. 30; Rule 8, Se. 1, Art. 1, a; Casebook 10-2-3).

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