Bayonne City employees not reinstated after layoffs


BAYONNE — The state Civil Service Commission has decided not to reverse the layoffs of three former Bayonne City employees.
On Jan.18, Andrew Casais, chief of staff for Mayor James Davis, said in an email: “We have been informed that the CSC affirmed the layoffs, and therefore those subject to the layoffs will not be reinstated. The mayor maintains the opinion that the city administration followed the procedures to effectuate layoffs pursuant to Civil Service rules. At each step the administration sought to see this process out to the end. Today’s final ruling by CSC is that end.”
Michael Mulcahy, a housing inspector, Gary Parlatti and Michael Smith, both field representatives for citizen complaints, all worked under the Department of Municipal Services.
Mulcahy said in a statement that he plans to appeal the Civil Service Commission’s decision. “While we’re obviously dismayed in the panel’s decision today, we find it difficult to comprehend how a panel who only had a week to review the transcripts that could overturn an Administrative Law Judge decision that was labored over for six months,” said Mulcahy. “We’re confident in our judicial system and look forward to the next step in the process.”
A Nov. 2 decision by an administrative law judge in Newark granted an appeal to the former employees who allege their layoffs in June of 2015 were not carried out in good faith.
Judge Thomas R. Betancourt’s decision was sent to the Civil Service Commission for a final decision, saying that the “appellants should be restored to their previous positions of employment immediately.”
Judge Betancourt previously found the testimonies of Bayonne Business Administrator Joe DeMarco and former Director of Municipal Services Robert Wondolowski “not credible,” after they gave conflicting testimony that showed inconsistencies in the city’s rationale for the layoffs. DeMarco and Wondolowski were two of 17 witnesses who testified.