Heartfelt thanks for your generosity

To the Editor:

On behalf of the students of the Bayonne Housing Authority Homework Assistance Program, I would like to convey their heartfelt thank you to all those who made generous donations during this year’s annual toy drive.
I would first like to thank Mayor James Davis, the Bayonne City Council members, the Bayonne Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, and Bayonne Housing Authority Executive Director John Mahon for their continued support of the program and its annual toy drive.
I would also like to thank the following individuals and groups for their generous donations to the toy drive: Freeholder Kenneth Kopacz, the Kopacz Family, Bayonne Housing Authority Administration and Staff, the Gary La Palusa Association, the Bayonne Chapter of UNICO National, Bayonne Board of Education Central Administration, the Bayonne Education Foundation Trustees, members and friends of Robbins Reef Yacht Club, Café Bello and their patrons, the Irish American League, the Donegal Association, the Shamrock Society of Bayonne, Bayonne High School Administration and Staff, attendees of the Lincoln Community school holiday party, the BWB Book Club, and numerous family and friends.
The generosity of everyone listed above helped bring holiday joy to all the students of the B.H.A. Homework Assistance Program and is very much appreciated. We wish you and your families a peaceful and happy 2017.

Coordinator B.H.A. Homework
Assistance Program