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Is Hoboken a sanctuary city–or isn’t it?


Dear Editor:
Is Hoboken a sanctuary city–or isn’t it? You would think that the answer to this question. would be clear and transparent.
In a recent Hoboken Reporter article (1/29/2017) Mayor Dawn Zimmer is quoted as saying “Hoboken has not taken any formal action with respect to sanctuary city status.” She went on to say “However, Hoboken is fully committed to providing for the health and safety of all its residents regardless of their immigration status.”
Does this mean that in certain cases local police are not to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement? Does this mean that in “certain cases” Hoboken is a sanctuary city?
The president has stated his intention not to provide federal funding to sanctuary cities. With all the federal funding expected by Hoboken for flood control in the future, it seems to this observer that the mayor better think this issue through very carefully.
Donald T. Mesler

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