Midtown Community School 7th Grader, Eniya Scott, recently received the Playoff MVP Award at the Girls’ Basketball City Championship Game at Bayonne High School. Eniya’s extraordinary talent was evident in every game this season. Her skills definitely contributed to Midtown’s City Championship where she led Midtown with 25 points to win over A.S.C.A. 33-32. With Eniya are Ms. Katie Hester, Coach, Mr. John Mulhern, Coach, Mr. Leo Smith, Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Ken Kopacz, Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Tom Jacobson, Director of Physical Education, Mr. John Rickard, League Coordinator, Mr. John Calcaterra, Director of Athletics, Mrs. Christina Mercun, Midtown Community School Principal and Mrs. Patricia Dziubek, Assistant Principal and Dr. Patricia Mc Geehan, Superintendent.