Entertainment roundup; Artie Lange police report, ‘Carrie Pilby’ movie opens Friday, Mile Square Theater’s ‘Betrayal’

#Hoboken arrest report for former #HowardSternShow regular and current "Crashing" star, comedian #ArtieLange
#Hoboken arrest report for former #HowardSternShow regular and current "Crashing" star, comedian #ArtieLange

HOBOKEN — The Hoboken Police Department released a report on the March 12 arrest of comedian Artie Lange, who was arrested on charges of possession of heroin, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia. Lange had been a regular on the Howard Stern show and had been appearing on “Crashing,” an HBO show based on his life. He Tweeted in response to the incident the day the story hit the news.
But there was an unanswered question. The initial police briefing said that police were called to the Shipyard garage in Hoboken because of a suspicious person. There, Lange met police, who said they found drugs allegedly in his car and on his person. But who called police, and was Lange the person who inspired the call?
When asked by the Reporter on Wednesday, the police released an arrest report on Lange (pictured) this week. However, they declined to comment further or release the more detailed complaint. A spokesman said he could not answer who called police or whom they were calling about, just that police were called to the garage.
In other entertainment news, the comedy film “Carrie Pilby” starring Jersey City native Nathan Lane and based on Hoboken resident Caren Lissner’s 2003 humorous novel, hits the Village East theater in New York for just one week starting this Friday, March 31, and running through Thursday. It’s also showing for a week in theaters in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, and Bethesda Md. Click the link in this paragraph for times and tickets for the New York show, or go to moviefone.com for other cities.
It’s also available for advance purchase on iTunes and Amazon, and can be watched after the film completes its theatrical run. The film stars Bel Powley, Nathan Lane, Gabriel Byrne, Vanessa Bayer, Colin O’Donoghue, and Jason Ritter.
And the Mile Square Theater in Hoboken will hold performances of “Betrayal” by Harold Pinter starting March 30 and running through April 23. Click the link for more information on the performances.