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Questioning Suez’s water line insurance

Dear Editor:

I have sent this letter to the Jersey City Council President, Councilpersons at Large, and Ward F Councilperson:

This is the fourth letter now from Suez Corp., smugly “informing” me that they are completely off the hook if the water line from the street to my house breaks or springs a leak.

These letters are smugly worded as, “Important Information about your service line,” and are also designed to make it appear that I have somehow “lapsed” on paying my water line insurance. Suez tries to infer that this was a standard, required insurance like homeowners insurance. In reality, I believe this is a scam they are rolling out to cover up a glaring omission in their responsibilities as Jersey City’s de-facto water and sewage utility.

This letter is definitely about the water line coming in. Here’s a quote: “This letter is to inform you that as a homeowner, you are responsible for the full cost of repairing your exterior water line”

And another quote from the brochure they include:

“Help protect your finances with coverage for the service line that brings water to your home”

PSE&G is responsible for their electric line, all the way until it attaches to my house.

PSE&G is also responsible to the gas line, All the way to my cellar.

The phone company maintains the phone line all the way to my house.

The cable TV/Internet/phone company also maintains their line all the way to my house (and actually does some of the installation inside my house)

See any pattern here?

How did the water “utility” legally get out of being responsible for their own infrastructure??

And is the Council considering any proposals to fix this mistake?

From all of these letters Suez is sending out, I have a feeling they know that this is a scam, and are trying to convince everyone to buy into it by paying for their “Protection.”

The Suez utility contract should be updated to force them to maintain the water lines all the way to the residences, just like PSE&G does with their gas and electric infrastructure. They should also be forced to pay to upgrade any lines that are still made of lead.

Every resident of the city would support you in this.

Thank you for your consideration,

Miles Poindexter

Jersey City home-owner since 1999.

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