Bayonne Little League Major Division games

Hudacko’s 11 Unico 1 Logan Chi had a homer and 2 singles, Mikey Boehm and Steven Kass also homered, Jake Sullivan, Ryan Aidukas had a homer and 2 singles; Josh Edwards and Jared Edwards both had singles for Unico. Chi and Tyler Essex Combined for a 2 hitter for Hudacko’s striking out 15 batters.
Houlihan’s 16 Perrucci 11. Josh Gutterman lead Houlihan’s with 2 homers and a single. Christian Hampton had 3 singles, Nick Malloy tripled, and Joe Cifarelli singled; Gabriel Becker lead Perrucci with 2 singles, Lorenzo Lubitti and Antonio Sanchez both had singles.
Unico 12 Houlihan’s 11. Aidan Petisco lead Unico with 3 hits, including 2 singles and a double; Jake Piechocki had 2 singles, Justin Arbelo doubled, while Jared Edwards, Danny Petrowski, Tyler Essex, and Alex Scainalepora all had singles; Josh Gutterman lead Houlihan’s with a homer and 2 singles, Joe Ashe had 2 singles, Nick Malloy had a double, and Joe Cifarelli singled.
Hudacko’s 18 Perrucci 8. Steven Kass lead Hudacko’s with 2 homers, Logan Chi and Dan McMahon had doubles, and Aiden Rosario singled; Mike McCollum singled for Perrucci.
Hudacko’s 12 Houlihan’s 2. The big hitters for Hudacko’s were Steven Kass with a homer and a single, Logan Chi with a double and a single; Jake Sullivan with a double, and MIkey Boehm with a single. Josh Gutterman and Nick Malloy both had singles. Chi and Kass combined to strike out 12 batters.
Unico 20 Perricci 16. Jake Piechocki, Alex Scianalelpora, Tyler Essex, and Justin Arbelo lead Unico with 2 singles each; Jared Edwards and Danny Petrowski both had doubles, and Aiden Petisco singled. Jack Kruchkowski lead Perrucci with 2 singles to drive in 4 runs, while Jack Kelly, Mike McCollum, and Ryan Nolan all had singles.
Hudacko’s 14 Unico 4. Logan Chi and Steven Kass combined on a 2 hitter with 12 strikeouts. Kass had 2 singles, and Chi also singled; Jake Sullivan had a double and 2 singles, and Mikey Boehm had a double and a single. Justin Arbelo and Josh Davis had singles for Unico.
Perrucci 10 Houlihan’s 9. Jack Kelly pitched a strong game for Perrucci giving up 1 hit, striking out 10 batters, and getting homer and a single; Gabriel Becker finished the game in relief striking out 2 batters and getting 2 singles. Joe Farley and Mike McCollum both had singles. Aidan Petsico made a game saving play to preserve the win for Perrucci. Joe Ashe was the top batter for Houlihan’s with 2 singles, while Joe Jasinski and Jacob Quinones both had singles.

Hudacko’s (4-0)
Unico (2-2)
Houlihan’s (1-3)
Perrucci (1-3)