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The Meaning of Mother’s Day


Dear Editor:

As May 14th fast approaches my thoughts have drifted to the meaning and origin of this American Holiday. Mothers are honored and celebrated throughout the world and that is a good thing but is not how and why our Mother’s Day began.

After the horrors of our American Civil War, in 1870, Abolitionist, Feminist, Activist, writer, Julia Ward Howard, worked to establish a Mother’s Peace Day to end war. Mothers, on both sides lost their sons and mourned their deaths. Others joined the effort and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law. It is the second Sunday in May and over time the original meaning /intention has been lost.

At present, we have nearly one million men and women on active duty, 300,000 of them stationed overseas. All are at risk and many return damaged in ways that cannot be seen.

On Sunday May 14th, at 12:30, The Granny Peace Brigade (GPB) will march/stroll from the Manhattan entry to the Staten Island Ferry through Battery Park to again share that message for Peace. I walked with the GPB two years ago through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where someone read aloud a copy of the original proclamation. For me, it still resonates. Mothers all over the world should unite to work for peaceful resolutions to our disputes.

You can go to grannypeacebrigade.org for more information and you do not have to be a granny to walk. There is still hope,

Rose Orozco

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