A Better Life League game 2 results


OKC vs. Bucks

The best game of the day ended in double overtime. OKC had control of this game until the last minute of regular time. Justine Guthrie and Danny Liming led OKC with timely baskets, keeping the hungry Bucks at bay. Two passing errors in the last minute of regular time allowed the Bucks to come back. They were definitely missing Pat M.’s ball handling skills. But don’t take away what the Bucks did in the last minute, playing a full court press forced those mistakes by OKC. The new team Bucks were led by Chinwe Wosu and Kevin Johnson who ignited their last minute defense. The game ended with the Bucks beating OKC, 55-53.

Celtics vs. Warriors

The Warriors, led by the sensational Kevin Walkers (36 points and 8 assist) and Ricky Hoffman’s 12 boards, were on the right track. With a few more games, this team will find its full potential. The Celtics gave a valiant effort with Josh Lopez and Alex Mirabel leading this team. Their sportsmanship and their “fight to the end” attitude were admirable. You can never count this team out. Last season they had the worst record and still won it all. The game ended with the Warriors beating the Celtics, 66-60.

Cavs vs. Spurs

The Cavs (formerly the Rockets) won again on the team ball concept. On one occasion they had 8 passes, with every player touching the ball. It was a beauty to watch. They were evenly distributed on points, with 5 players scoring in the double digits. The Spurs, led by Jeff Fortunes with 24 points, will have to adjust. This is their first game together and, on paper, this line up can win it all. JJ Hladik’s sharp shooting and Rob King at medium range can become a formidable combination. The game ended with the Cavs beating the Spurs, 78-66.

Standings: Cavs (2-0), Bucks (1-0), OKC (1-1), Warriors (1-1), Spurs (0-1), Celtics (0-2)

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