Love and support for the refugees

To the Editor:

June 20 of every year is World Refugee Day, and while this letter will be sent out after it, it is still a reminder that people around the world need our love and support. The refugee crisis has occurred for a number of different reasons: war and conflict, economic hardship, lack of employment opportunities, and abject poverty. The United States has always been one of the leading countries for funding foreign aid. However, many Americans think that 20 percent of the annual federal budget goes to foreign aid when in reality it is, at most, around one percent. The US has the capabilities to help those in need, especially refugees; therefore we, as a country and individually, should help contribute more to those less fortunate than us. Besides just common decency, the US has an urgent strategic interest in improving the quality of life for the world’s poor and for refugees. The reduction in global poverty will lead to less global instability, less terrorism, and less of us turning on the news and seeing that an attack has occurred and only saying “again?!” If we as the people of the United States become active participants in our government we can create a huge change around the world. By calling our representatives and asking for their support in protecting the world’s poor and supporting US foreign aid, we can create a safer, healthier, more beautifully connected world.