Chiaravalotti guilty of government shutdown

To the Editor:

The New Jersey State shutdown is over, and our state parks and beaches are open again for all to enjoy. Thank goodness our elected political hacks finally came to their senses.
This government shutdown was needlessly imposed upon us by Bayonne’s Assemblyman Nick Chiaravalotti and his ringleader, Speaker Vincent Prieto.
That’s right. Nick Chiaravalotti was responsible for closing our state parks and government agencies. He even publicly boasted that he was “proud to stand in solidarity with the Speaker” in closing down the government. He uttered this political profanity at a time when even State Senate President Steve Sweeney, a Democrat, was in opposition to the outrageous acts of Speaker Vincent Prieto.
Nick Chiaravalotti put corporate profits for one insurance company ahead of reform and transparency, and ignored the real needs and best interests of thousands of taxpayers and families in Bayonne and Jersey City.
It is time we had someone in the assembly who puts people first, not politics and clueless political bosses. We deserve better. We deserve someone in the assembly who wants to represent people, not giant corporations. That’s why I am running. I am committed to serving you in Trenton, to put you and your family first.
Chiaravalotti’s close friend and fellow political hack, Speaker Vincent Prieto, is slated to lose the speakership in a few months, in large part due to his handling of this current crisis. Accordingly, when I am elected in November, you have my word that I will vote to replace Prieto with a more pro-people and independent legislative leader.
We need to declare independence from the political machine so our children and families can enjoy our beaches, so we can institute a more transparent government, and so we can get our taxes under control.
It is now clear for all to see. Nick Chiaravalotti is not interested in doing his job. He does not want to work for us, his constituents. He just wants to close down the government, pocket a paycheck, and do absolutely nothing for the taxpayers and families of Bayonne and Jersey City. He has proven this by his own repugnant actions.
Nick Chiaravalotti ruined the July 4th weekend for numerous families throughout New Jersey. There is no doubt about that. But come November, we can turn the tables on him. We can turn Election Day into Independence Day by turning Chiaravalotti out of office. And from then on, every day will be independence day for the voters and taxpayers of Bayonne and Jersey City.

GOP Assembly Candidate
31st Legislative District