I oppose Barnabas in Bayonne


To the Editor:

I write in opposition to the Barnabas Health Satellite Emergency Department (SED) in Bayonne. And while I was a member of the city planning commission that initially approved the project, if I’d known then what I know now, I would never have approved it. JCMC and Barnabas have no long-term interest in the residents of Bayonne; their plan is to see patients in their SED and then transfer them out of the city to places as far away as Livingston. Initially, I believed that this facility would have brought economic development to our city, but now I know it will have just the opposite effect of bringing patients and dollars out of Bayonne. I want my healthcare in Bayonne where my family and friends can support me. If the way Barnabas runs JCMC is any indication, their facility in Bayonne will be subpar and overcrowded.
Bayonne already has a dependable full-service hospital in Bayonne Medical Center. Along with McCabe Ambulance, BMC has been in this town a long time taking care of all of us through our best days and our worst. I have personally used BMC with my own family and been taken care of with kindness and compassion. Another emergency department will make it harder for BMC to survive, and that is bad for all residents of Bayonne. The State Department of Health should have done what’s right for Bayonne and followed its own rules and denied JCMC’s attempt to undermine healthcare in Bayonne.

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