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Time for legal cannabis in New Jersey


Dear Editor:

Throughout the nation, the move to legalize cannabis for medical reasons and recreational purposes is gaining momentum. More than a dozen States have already taken action to allow the use of cannabis to help alleviate the pain and suffering of the many thousands of individuals who are afflicted with various maladies. Here in New Jersey, there is a bi-partisan effort underway in Trenton to enact a similar law to help the residents of the Garden State. While this legislation is being sponsored by a Democrat, it also has the support of many Republicans. New Jersey needs Cannabis Patient Rights (CPR), and we need it now. It is time we legalize it, and provide for the insurance companies to pay for it.
This will result in people being weened off unnecessary and higher priced pills and prescriptions, and away from dangerous street drugs, too. It is time for New Jersey to join the Cannabis Campaign in the name of the health and welfare of its citizens. Unfortunately, our local officials are doing nothing to promote this vital issue. They are standing back and letting people continue to suffer. They are refusing to help the many seriously ill persons in our community who would benefit enormously from the passage of this legislation. Fortunately, however, we do have one civic leader who is standing up for patient rights. Michael Alonso, who is running for the Assembly at the urging of Democrat Freeholder Bill O’Dea, is in the forefront of the statewide effort to help the sick and disabled by allowing them access to alternative treatments.
Michael Alonso cares about people. He is committed to assisting those in need, and expanding the freedoms and rights of individuals in our society. Especially the disabled, unlike Asw. Angela McKnight, whose taxpayer funder office has a STEP and no access for wheelchairs, there’s even a video on YouTube of McKnight getting called out and embarrassed by Mike Alonso on this issue. Her office actually called the cops, cursed out and threatened the woman and her caregiver. Is that the representation we want in Trenton? It’s time for all of us in New Jersey who need and would benefit from legalized medical cannabis to stand up and speak out. Join Michael Alonso and other State leaders and support legislation for Cannabis Patient Rights. Its time New Jersey moved into the 21st Century.

Edward Grimes
Medical Cannabis Patient

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