St. Mary’s Pee Wee Results Week 1


The Rams defeated the Hoyas 20-16. Kayla Santopietro led all scorers with 10 points; Payton Maguire had 6 points and Samara Porch 4 for the Rams. Kylie Skowronski had 8 points, Grace Mulcahy 6 points and Jenna Gaetani 2 points for the Hoyas.
The Pirates defeated the Lakers 10-8. Tatyanna Watson had 6 points, Megan Beebe and Gracey Iszczyk each added 2 points for the Pirates. Kennedi Cotter had all 8 points for the Lakers.


The Hoyas defeated the Knicks 14-12. Luke Wilkins led the Hoyas with 8 points, Braxton Mulcahy, Joseph Gillen and Demetrius Andrews each added 2 points. BraydenO’Connor, Brooklyn Kalafut and Justin Perez each had 4 points for the Knicks.
The Pirates defeated the Hornets 16-11. TJ Santos and Anthony Novello each had 6 points for the Pirates and Angelo Squiteri added 4 points. Chance Fischer had 9 points and Logan Diaz 2 points for the Hornets.
The Lakers defeated the Rams 24-9. David Kobryn led the Lakers with 12 points; also contributing in the win were Christian Szyskowski 6 points, Traysten Korpi 4 points and Agostino Petrillo 2 points. Joseph Olmo led the Rams with 8 points and Justin Sgotto added 1 point.