Resident forced to leave Hoboken

Dear Editor:

I know that I am not the only Hoboken resident to react to the news that one of our truly wonderful Hoboken residents, Dana Wefer, has been forced to leave Hoboken because she could not afford a much needed two-bedroom apartment. Who is she? She is a young Attorney, meaning four years of college, followed by Law School. She did not use her degrees and expertise to earn the big dollars, instead she used her knowledge to help those around her, mainly in the Hoboken Housing Authority.
What do we as the residents of this wonderful community, that I truly love, do? Let us begin by looking at who the folks are that live in traditionally affordable housing. It is not spoken aloud, yet everyone knows that some folks are living, at a very reduced rate, in apartments that they no longer are qualified for.
I am truly fortunate to have a forever home in Hoboken, the city that I love but am beyond saddened to hear that someone so good and so genuinely caring about our community, has been forced to pack up her family, including two young children to look for somewhere else to live. This should not happen and citizens need to speak out.
Hoboken please wake up and do something!!

Rose Orozco