Appreciating the Field of Heroes

To the Editor:

Last year I had the great pleasure of attending the Field of Heroes designation ceremony. It is with twice the pride and double the pleasure that I attend the second celebration of this event. On November 6, 2017 at the Alexander X. O’Connor Auditorium, 669 Avenue A, the Bayonne Board of Education will host the Second annual Field of Heroes ceremony. This initiative, started by Bayonne Teacher Neil Carroll III, has a meaningful impact on the lives and legacies of servicemen and women.
Further, the connection between the Bayonne Board of Education and the Joyce Herbert V.F.W. Post 226 Veterans Museum has grown stronger as a result. Last year through the generosity of the people of this city and the tenacity of the event committee they were able to raise $5,000 for the museum. As a result the doors remain open to students and the public. The memories of those fallen servicemen and women honored within the walls of Post 226 live on. Most important, it remains a gem unique to the city of Bayonne.
Let me say as a participant in lectures and classes held at the Post, what a benefit to our children this organization truly is. I commend the veterans who donate their time and effort to teach our students the valuable military history of the past and present. I am very grateful to the Joyce Herbert V.F.W. Post for its dedication and to the community for its support. A special thanks to Commander Glenn Flora and Jacky George for maintaining this learning environment.
Consider attending the event on Monday, November 6, 2017, at 11 a.m. at the Alexander X. O’Connor Auditorium, 669 Avenue A, as well as purchasing a flag. The flag is $5 and will be displayed on the Bayonne High School lawn in honor of a hero. All donations can be sent to Bayonne High School Fund; 669 Avenue A, Bayonne, New Jersey 07002, care of Dr. Dennis C. Degnan, Assistant Superintendent of Schools. All proceeds go to The Joyce Herbert V.F.W. Post 226 Veterans Museum.

Former Mayor