$230 million federal anti-flooding ‘Rebuild by Design’ project officially approved


HOBOKEN, WEEHAWKEN, JERSEY CITY — Mayor Dawn Zimmer released a statement Oct. 25 explaining that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released $230 million in funding for the design and construction of the Hudson River Rebuild by Design (RBD) project. The long-awaited federally funded project aims to protect Hoboken and parts of Weehawken and Jersey City from superstorms, rising sea levels, and the impact of climate change.
“This is a major milestone for the long-term resiliency of our city,” said Zimmer in the press release. “Thanks to strong community support, Hoboken is now on track to work with the state of New Jersey, Weehawken, and Jersey City towards the final design of this project over approximately the next 18 months. These federal funds are dedicated specifically for the Hudson River RBD project and are no longer at risk of being repurposed by the federal government for any reason.”
Last year the city chose a final alternative after months of community meetings. The plan, also known as the “Alleyway Alignment,” calls for construction of a “flood resistance structure” beginning at the Lincoln Harbor light rail station and following the rail track south, down along Weehawken Cove and into Harborside Park. It then turns east up the alleyway located between 14th and 15th streets and turns south on Washington Street for about one block. The southern end of the resist structure has two options either running west along Observer Highway or West through the New Jersey Transit rail yard.
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