Thank you for supporting the Building Bridges Event

To the Editor:

On behalf of myself and the students who participated in the Building Bridges Event, we would like to thank Planet Wings and El Aguila Dorada who donated a wide variety of refreshments for our event. Your kindness and generosity are appreciated by all who attended. In addition, we would like to thank Mr. Ward and Mr. Baccarella for their support of our event in more ways than one. We thank you for being great leaders of our school community. Moreover, I would like to thank the members of our community, parents, teachers and those who came from all over New Jersey to support these remarkable students. They were honored and filled with such bravery from the audience’s encouragement and love. Most important, I personally would like to thank Laura, Paige, Marlin, Hadia, Ana, Luisa, Kira, Amanda, Christian, Michelle, Marissa, Giovanna, Justin, Chevon, and Oumaymah. I am so proud of every one of you. You are an inspiration to the world. Your valor and spirit showed that we can come together to build bridges of communication; not walls of silence. We all hope that our Building Bridges Event continues to spark conversations about acceptance, inclusion, and understanding in our community and beyond.

Social Studies Teacher