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A tip for homeowners


To the Editor:

It’s about the time when homeowners are looking at contractors to do various work on their homes. When a contractor tells you to look at some of the properties they have done, beware. Do yourself a big favor and ring the owner’s bell and ask how satisfied they are. Just because it looks wonderful, there is a chance they did not meet the city’s inspection and received the certificate of approval. If that’s so, then there are probably violations. You as the homeowner need to have that certificate and do not take the contractor’s word for it that it was inspected.
As the homeowner, if you do not receive this and you want to sell your home, you must fix the property to pass the city’s building inspection first and only then will you be able to sell your property. Even though the contractor took out the permit, you, not the contractor, are the responsible party. The permit remains open until the inspection is completed.
Also do not make the final payment to the contractor no matter what he says until you receive the certificate or you may find the contractor is now avoiding you. There are many reputable contractors and some not so much. Just because they have been around a while does not mean much. Good Luck.


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