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Board of Elections addresses primary polling issues in Hoboken

HOBOKEN– Several residents have reported issues in casting their ballots today in Hoboken for the primary election.
One example, according to the board, is the Sky Club polling location (700 First St.) which opened three hours late at approximately 9 a.m. due to machine malfunction.
The Board of Elections informed Mayor Ravi Bhalla that any residents who were not able to vote at their normal location can cast a provisional ballot at any other location.
A list of all locations can be found at
“It was disappointing to learn that so many issues arose on a routine primary election,” said Bhalla in a press release, “but I appreciate residents who wasted no time in bringing this to my attention and the Board for being responsive. The ability to vote in a free and fair election is of paramount importance in a democracy.”
If a voter does choose to cast a provisional ballot, they are advised, as a precaution, to submit their name to the board so their vote can be flagged to ensure it is counted correctly. The board can be reached at (201) 369-3435 or at countyclerk@hcnj.us.
The board should also be contacted for specific questions regarding which locations were affected and any other potential remedies. The board, which oversees elections, informed the city they are exploring all remedies for disenfranchised voters.

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