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Do I need a car babysitter?

To the Editor:

I felt compelled to write to the editor at BCN to express what I can only describe as extreme disappointment, as well as to bring to the attention of many unsuspecting Bayonne residents of little-known Municipal Ordinance 7-13.1: “Parking Prohibited Over 48 Hours” which states “no person shall park a vehicle for longer than 48 hours at any time upon any street or part thereof within the limits of the City of Bayonne.” I moved from Brooklyn to Bayonne in March of 2015 and immediately fell in love with the community. So much so that in a year, my girlfriend and I purchased a single-family home in Pamrapo. Unfortunately our lovely home did not have a driveway or parking and thus we are forced to park our vehicles in the street in front of our property. After living in our home for two years, I received a summons and notification letter from the BPD stating that I was in violation of Municipal Ordinance 7-13.1 which carries a $52 penalty. “Is this for real?” was my first thought as it sounds like something straight out of a novel about a police state, but regrettably it is real. I pay more than $8,000 in taxes a year and I can’t park my vehicle in front of my own property for more than 48 hours? Whose brainstorm was this? What if I want to take a vacation? Must I find a babysitter to move my car every two days so as to be in compliance with this ludicrous ordinance? I feel as if I’m being held hostage by my vehicle. In any event, we must do something to get this ordinance repealed or to at least write in an exception for hardworking, taxpaying, law-abiding, permit-holding residents of our beautiful community who are not fortunate enough to have a driveway or a vehicle babysitter. Thank you.


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