Film based on Hoboken author’s book, currently on Netflix, will also premiere in Japan


HOBOKEN — “Carrie Pilby,” a comedy movie starring Nathan Lane and Bel Powley that can currently be seen on Netflix, will open in theaters in Japan in October. It’s based on a humorous 2002 novel written by Hoboken-based novelist and Reporter newspaper editor Caren Lissner. The novel and movie center on Carrie, a nerdy young woman who, at 19, graduates from an Ivy League school early and moves to New York City, unsure how to make friends and date in the real world. She hides behind her books until her therapist (Lane) gives her a list of tasks to push her out to meet people, with humorous and disastrous results.
In Japan, the movie is called “My Precious List.”
The indie film premiered in North America in 2016 and is currently showing on Netflix. It was directed by Susan Johnson, who more recently directed the film adaptation of the novel “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” also currently on Netflix.
More information on the novel is available by clicking here. There is also a sequel in novella form.
The movie has local color in another way — Lane grew up in Jersey City and graduated from St. Peter’s Prep.
You can read about the book-to-movie adaptation process by clicking here.