Ask the Ump!


QUESTION: In high school, baseball and softball, head coach presents lineup card with players’ names, uniform number, batting position and fielding position for each starting player. Is there any other information needed on the lineup card?

ANSWER: (BB ONLY) The name and shirt number of each eligible substitute should be listed. There is no penalty for subs not listed or to be added at a later time. (Rule 1, Sec. 1, Art. 2)

(SB ONLY) The first initial for each name is required; each eligible substitute must be listed on original card. Any changes / additions added to lineup card after submission results in a team warning to the head coach. Any further changes following warning results in head coach being restricted to bench. Substitute players are not penalized and are permitted entry despite technical violation. (Rule 3-1-3).

QUESTION: When do starting lineups become official? Immediately upon submission; when plate umpire says, “Play Ball” or when first pitch is thrown?

ANSWER: Lineups become official when accepted, verified by umpire-in-chief and exchanged during pre-game conference. (BB- Rule 1, Se. 1, Art. 2) (SB- Rule 3-1-3).