Lies are the foundation of war

Dear Editor:

Re: “The End of WW1,” The Hudson Reporter, Nov. 15:

Wars start because, as Mark Twain said, “A Lie can travel halfway around the world before Truth can get its boots on.” A recent example is the Iraq war, based on the lie that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” that could threaten America. The propaganda (lies) and mobilization for the invasion of that innocent country were well underway before those of us who knew the truth could mobilize and take to the streets to try to stop it.

President Woodrow Wilson and his handlers lied America into WW1 after winning election on the promise that he would keep America out. There are many historical sources one can consult to learn who told the biggest lies, and one book, among many, is “Sleepwalkers – How Europe went to war in 1914” by Christopher Clark. Mostly to blame, Clark says, were France and England. Determined to destroy an economic rival, they “maneuvered Germany into war.” Germany, France, England, Russia counted millions of young men dead, while America lost 117,000, with 209,000 wounded. The unjust Peace Treaty (Versailles) which blamed Germany for the war and put crushing sanctions on her, guaranteed the resentment that lead to the next war.

While it was brewing in Europe, the horrendous disaster of the First War so soured America on war that a poll showed that 87 percent of our countrymen wanted no part of it, and they overwhelmingly backed Charles Lindbergh and his “America First” policy. But President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill conspired to force Japan to fire the “first shot” at Pearl Harbor (“Back Door To War” by Charles Tansill), and the rest is history.

T. Weed