Burnishing our Image

Photo by Marie Papp
Photo by Marie Papp

Please join me in thanking the photographers and artists who helped make this 150th Anniversary issue a vision to behold.

For the romance and reality of history, we thank Gerard Nowicki of the Bayonne Historical Society. He lovingly preserved thousands of prints and agreed to share many of them with us. The same goes for JP Porcaro of the Free Public Library and Cultural Center of Bayonne, who generously opened the library’s pictorial archives.

Our shutterbugs were out in force including Pat Bonner, Ron Kraszyk, Tish Kraszyk, Rory Pasquariello, Victor M. Rodriguez, Max Ryazansky, Al Sullivan, Chris Taylor, and Tbishphoto.

Those responsible for the beautiful layouts? Our graphics staff of Lisa M. Cuthbert, Terri Saulino Bish, and Alyssa Bredin Quiros.

These artists have brought to life the words of our wonderful writers: Marilyn Baer, Pat Bonner, Mike Montemarano, Rory Pasquariello, Tara Ryazansky, and Al Sullivan.

We are grateful to the City of Bayonne and the residents of this great town for making it such a great place to live and work.

Here’s to 150 more wonderful years!


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